Located high up above Jakarta in Alila SCBD Hotel, Hakkasan has been the talk of the town as one of the most-awaited eateries for February. It’s filled up with various world-class cuisines and beverages, including The Jasmine Tea Smoked Beef Rib, Steamed Red Grouper with Spicy Kaffir Sambal Sauce, and Hakkatini, which is one the restaurant’s sophisticated signature cocktails. Combined with gorgeous views of the capital, Hakkasan will surely become one of the go-to places for a fine dining experience.

MOONSHINE - Dine & Lounge

Located inside the Noble House Building in Kuningan, MOONSHINE is a new dining lounge that you can visit to chill in and shoo away your exhaustion after a long day. This new eatery combines the best of Eastern and Western cuisine while offering with magnificent live musical performance. That, when combined with a selection of alcoholic drinks to help you dive into the night, means MOONSHINE can definitely become your new place to relax.


Another healthy eatery in town, SAL ĖN CØ offers various choices to start (or continue) your healthy life. From smoothie bowls to poke bowls to salads, everything is made using the freshest ingredients possible. It has a minimalist yet cosy interior with some flowerpots and greenery here and there, which is all the more reason to go and celebrate a healthy lifestyle.

Kilo Kitchen

Located in the bustling Senopati area, Singaporean eatery Kilo Kitchen promises great food, great drinks, and great music. It offers various delectable dishes to choose from, including its ever-popular Squid Ink Rice, and there’s also a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to end your meal and relax with. Moreover, the place itself is spacious and stylishly decorated with a modern industrial concept.

ZODIAC Space & Bar

Still in the Senopati area, this new place is set to become one of the hottest bars in Jakarta with its wide selection of boozes and music to get you in the mood for a long party night. Dominated by scarlet and gaudy leopard print in the seating area, ZODIAC evokes the incomparable 80s with hints of modern aesthetics.

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