In september, indonesia participated for the third time in the Village International de la Gastronomie 2018 in Paris, the eighth Fête de la Gastronomie, a project initiated by the French Economy and Finance Ministry. Realising the potential of the tourism market in both countries, the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and the French Institute of Indonesia (IFI) signed a letter of intent (LoI) to promote gastronomy tourism.

Then in November, Atout France invited Chef Sébastien Chambru to Jakarta on the occasion of the visit of Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of Tourism. Together with distinguished Knight in the National Order of Merit by French Ministry of Agriculture Chef William Wongso, Chef Chambru prepared a gastronomic VIP dinner, where guests could taste the best of both French and Indonesian culinary worlds. This also marked the first collaboration of Chef Chambru with Atout France, supported by IFI.


One of Chef Chambru’s signature dishes during the dinner is the fresh Tartare d’huitre et Saint Jacques au Vinaigre de Calamansi et Grain de Caviar, which translates as oyster tartare and scallops with calamansi vinegar and caviar. Meanwhile, Chef Wongso served a juicy Rendang Padang from Western Sumatra—caramelised beef curry with yellow cassava rice and sautéed cassava leaves.

Chef Sébastien Chambru is the founder of the Michelin-starred restaurant L’O des Vignes in Fuissé, France. Awarded one star by the Michelin Guide in 2018, the restaurant is regarded for its high-quality cooking using top-quality ingredients and serving dishes with distinct flavours that are carefully prepared to a consistently high standard. In 2007, he was also a recipient of the prestigious title Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF).

Earlier in his career, Chambru led two Michelin-starred French gourmet restaurant, Twenty One, under the guidance of Stéphane Gaborieau at the Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku. Sébastien Chambru studied with Stéphane Gaborieau at Villa Florentine in Lyon. Previously, he had helped his friend Guy Benayoun relaunch La Plage restaurant in Lyon. He was also the executive souschef with Christian Lherm at the gourmet restaurant l’Arc-en-Ciel at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lyon.

For several years, Chambru also worked alongside the late three-Michelin-starred Chef Paul Bocuse at his restaurant in Lyon, at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva and Le Moulin de Mougins on the French Riviera. Le Moulin de Mougins has served dishes to famous celebrities including Dustin Hoffman, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor.

To learn more about Chef Sébastien Chambru and Atout France, visit www.lodesvignes.fr and www.atout-france.fr.
L’O des Vignes 129 Rue du Bourg, 71960 Fuissé, France Tel: +33 3 85 38 33 40; www.lodesvignes.fr

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