Let yourself be taken back to an era of refined beauty as you immerse in Indochinese surroundings, embracing the style and décor of the Kingdom of Khmer, as SaigonSan draws inspiration from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. This makes it a true representation of the integrated culinary highlights of Indochina.


Part of and adjacent to the legendary Hotel Tugu Malang, SaigonSan has also been designed with hundreds of artwork pieces that were inspired by the life of Jayawarman II—known as the “King of all Kings” in the Java of ancient times. As the stunning antique royal tapestry of bygone times blends in with modern hints of design and bursts of colourful Thai and Vietnamese art, the finished view is one of contemporary elegance.

With the opening of the rooftop terrace, you can also enjoy fine coffees, teas, wines, and cocktails while dining beneath starlit skies. The menu is a theatrical production of flavours as the Southeast Asian atmosphere sets the scene for a dining experience you will never forget. Each dish is a symphony of flavours and culture that tells a story of fresh spices and Asian delights, indulging diners in the sweet romance of the occasion as they enjoy watching the sights and feeling the cool night’s breeze.

Being located so close, the Hotel Tugu Malang allows SaigonSan to embrace the already highly-respected name that the hotel has created. Among its accolades are its status as a “tranquil paradise”, as described by TIME Asia, and as one of the 101 Best Hotels in the World by the Tatler Travel Guide, which only highlights the passion and history that has been set into the very foundations of SaigonSan.

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