Fine dining is an art, with restaurants taking amazing steps to create an atmosphere that can celebrate the cuisine on offer. When enjoying the experience, it is always best to remember the etiquette that should be maintained while dining. To remind you, here are six etiquette tips to remember when visiting a fine-dining restaurant.

Work from the outsidecutlery.jpg


When sitting down at the table, the first thing you’ll notice is all the cutlery. Extra spoons, knives, and forks are placed either side of the plate and can be a little confusing. The best way to remember is to simply work your way from the outside in, with each course having the assigned utensils. Also, additional cutlery will often be added based on what you are being served.

Drinking from the edgesoup.jpg


Soup can get messy, but when eating it, always start from the center and move the spoon away from you. Once you have the soup on the spoon don’t put the whole thing in your mouth—instead, drink from the edge of the spoon. This will prevent any unwanted sounds or mess.

Don’t confuse your pudding with your dessertpudding.jpg


Remember that pudding is the sweet course, while dessert is typically fruit or a cheese selection. This means that you will have different cutlery for both. When enjoying a fixed menu, you may have both a pudding and a dessert. If so, the dessert will come at the end in order to refresh your palate and ease digestion.

Check the dress code in advancedress code.jpeg

While food and table etiquette are an important factor in the enjoyment of fine dining, they are not the only ones. A dress code may seem a little old fashioned, but it is always best to check beforehand. Underdressing is more common than we might think, but overdressing is just as bad.

Proposing a toasttoast.jpg

After watching so many movie clips in which people get the attention of the crowd by tapping the edge of their glass, most would think that this is the norm. However, never propose a toast by tapping the glass. If you are toasting someone else, you should stand or tilt your glass in their direction while not actually touching glasses.

Using your phonephone.jpeg

People use their phones as if they additional appendages. If it is not in their hand, it is on the table. But when you are enjoying a fine-dining experience, your phone should not be on the table or in your hand. When you need to use it, excuse yourself from the table and answer it away from the rest of the guests.

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