Macallan-Reflexion-bottle-packshot-white.jpgYou are heading to one of Jakarta’s finest restaurants for an incredible meal. There will be fine cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and fantastic company. Your attire is sharp, and your shoes are on point. There is only one crucial ingredient to make this dinner a truly unforgettable one: whisky.

You will want a premium single malt whisky from a distiller with a storied legacy and an obsessive level of mastery that ranges from the barrels to the decanters and finally the glass in your hand. Leaning back on the large leather chair, the choice becomes quite clear: The Macallan.

The Macallan 1824 Masters Series is a collection created to showcase the magnificent range of natural colours that The Macallan’s whiskies come in. Each colour becomes increasingly darker and more complex as one goes through the range. The Macallan Reflexion represents the foremost influence of the first-fill sherry-seasoned oak casks.

The design of The Macallan Reflexion’s decanter is inspired by the iconic triangle of The Macallan. Its exquisite angular facets each reflect light to showcase the deep red mahogany hue of the whisky within.

The Macallan Reflexion’s striking colour and flavours are drawn from the maturation in 250l hogshead casks. The spirit is matured predominately in the smaller Spanish and American hogshead casks. It is then allowed a greater surface area of wood to interact with in order to deliver more accentuated aromas and flavours. The result is a whisky that is bold and full bodied, with floral and vanilla notes, punctuated with fresh apples and apricots.

The aroma of The Macallan Reflexion begins with whiffs of orange and citrus fruits opening up on sunny day, their zest fresh and the fruit firm. A slight waxy note then fades to fresh green apples. The sweet stall brings about fragrances of chocolate, thick fudge, boiled sweets, aniseed, and caramel toffees. Hidden beneath all that one finds white chocolate truffles. Just as you are ready to taste, a delivery of fresh bananas and sweet oak arrives.

The initial light citrus zest with new oak quickly gives way to a juicier sweetness, thick and succulent, brought about by lemon and orange. Subtle notes of raisin, sultana, and apple—with a hint of cinnamon and ginger— are next to arrive. Boiled sweets balance the combination to give a glimpse of toasted oak, ending in a medium and soft finish.

Stuart MacPherson, The Macallan’s Master of Wood, emphasises the vital role of the casks in the production of these superb whiskies: “Our commitment to sherryseasoned oak casks is unquestionable and the Masters Series showcases The Macallan at its very best.”

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