IMG_2943.JPGThis year marks the 20th anniversary of Chef Stefu Santoso’s career in the kitchen. Aside from his main role as the executive chef of APREZ Catering, which is managed by the AMUZ Group, the passionate chef is also the president of the Association of Culinary Professionals (ACP) Indonesia. Chef Stefu has been handling APREZ Catering and Café, which is headquartered at The Energy Building in SCBD in Jakarta, for seven years and counting. Read our interview below to delve into his life as a culinary professional.

Could you share with us your latest projects?

Aside from my regular activities in handling APREZ Catering, I also oversee the APREZ Café branches in Pakubuwono Residence and Pakubuwono View, and we are also preparing to launch a new one in Pakubuwono Spring. Most of the time, I am more into outside catering, with regular clients such as the ASEAN Secretariat and several embassies.

What are the challenges in the catering business?

The first is traffic. Jakarta’s traffic is totally unpredictable, so you cannot compromise but have to depart early—at least three hours before the event starts. The next issues are food safety and hygiene. I have to maintain the quality of food so it stays fresh and tasty.

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