It's just two days into the new year, but Dita Soedarjo and Angela Tee are ready to get back to work. The two best friends look equally stunning in their pastel-coloured sleeveless modern qipao dresses: Dita in soft pink, while Angela opts for a sexier, backless, coral-embellished dress. Their matching dress code is truly a perfect choice for today’s dining theme at PASOLA—Chinese New Year.

Dita, who recently went through a rough break-up, is eager to start afresh this year. In addition to actively managing the operations of Häagen-Dazs Indonesia, Dita is set to release an autobiography via Gramedia. Philanthropy-wise, Dita is still actively contributing to Let’s Share Indonesia, and this year she wants to find a permanent place for Dignity Woman’s beauty skill training, which she organises for widows and single mums.

Meanwhile, the Surabaya-born Angela has now carved her career as an actress, singer, and comedian. She is the host of popular TV show Uang Kaget on GTV (part of RCTI and MNC Group) and runs a clothing line business called Angelux, which specialises in simple and elegant dresses. The fashion design graduate, who was previously a part of girl group 7icons, is really passionate about women empowerment—and that is also the core of their mutual friendship. “This year, I hope women will become stronger and tougher. We are born to be awesome,” Angela says.

The pair met during an event, and from then on, they clicked and became best friends. “We have been good friends for more than five years,” Dita admits. “Angela is really a true friend. She deeply understands me, even when most people don’t.”


Chinese New Year has always been something to look forward to for both Dita and Angela. Dita tells Indonesia Tatler that her family always gather at her grandmother’s house in Jakarta and eat a bunch of homemade delicious Chinese dishes, while Angela plans for a short visit to her hometown. 

This story appears in the February 2019 issue of Indonesia Tatler. For the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstand, or subscribe here.

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