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Valentine’s is the perfect time to get something sweet and special for someone or to enjoy a little self-indulgence. Either way, you can enjoy some delicious and truly beautiful desserts, pastries and cakes at some expert establishments. In case you find it hard to know where to start here are nine dessert place where you can satisfy your Valentine’s Day sweet tooth.   


If you’re looking for something with chocolate, then look no further. Marshmallows, truffles, cakes and so many more chocolate indulgences are waiting for you at Kakolait. While not as refined as many other dessert establishments, this chocolate heaven is all about the calories and putting a smile on your face.  

Union Deli

With so many colourful cakes to welcome you, it might be hard to choose just one. But don’t worry as you don’t have to take the whole cake—you can simply enjoy a slice or two. Vibrant colours and tasty flavours fill the menu with both classic concoctions and new creations on offer.

Lewis and Carol

A relatively new dessert delight on the scene, Lewis and Carol is a refreshing and brightly decorated addition. On the menu are some expertly crafted homemade cakes that go perfectly with a lovely pot of herbal tea. The Panna Cota is a particular indulgence not to be missed.   

Exquise Patisserie

The name says it all with the range of patisseries a perfect addition for a morning treat on Valentine’s Day, or even something to enjoy with a coffee if you find yourself stuck in the office. But if you find yourself in the little patisserie, make sure you try some of the many small bites and cakes that are on offer, all in rather intimate settings.

Paul Bakery & Patisserie

With more and more sites opening up across the city all the time, Paul is becoming a name synonymous with reliably decedent cake and pastries. Comfortable seating and well-placed sites make them a perfect place to take away something delicious or sit with someone special for a little sweet treat.

Dore by LeTao

Meaning “golden” in French, the staple ideals behind Dore by LeTao are luxury and perfection. With fromage cakes being the particular speciality on offer, you can be guaranteed stunning quality and sophistication as soon as you take a look in the box. It is truly obvious the amount of quality on offer and the effort it takes to prepare these works of art with each and every slice.

Colette and Lola

Along with some signature cakes and unique treats you can order cookies and other small bites. Always take the time to check the online site if you don’t have time to make it to the actual physical place for the cake of the month, which mean up to 20 per cent off a classic signature cake. The cakes on offer are all expertly prepared and the time and skill can be seen in every one of them. 

Social Affair

With a name like Social Affair, you know you’re in for something a little naughty. Indulge your taste buds and let go while you peruse the menu of chocolate treats and patisserie bites. Whichever choice you make, you and your partner will leave satisfied and feeling very full.


Specialising in gourmet Belgian chocolates, truffles, cocoa, and other sweet gifts, Godiva is the perfect last-minute stop when you need something sweet, tasty, and impressive. With each bite you or someone special will wish for the next. The truffles are particularly tempting and very hard to put down.

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