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The Japanese nabemono hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water known as shabu-shabu is a very popular choice with both families and for business lunches across the city. This is due to both the sharing aspects of the meal and the international popularity of the cuisine. So it is no surprise that you can enjoy the Japanese dishes all over Jakarta, and, as a result, some of the most amazing shabu-shabu sites get lost. Here are eight places you can enjoy shabu-shabu in Jakarta.

Shabu Shabu Gen

Shabu Shabu Gen strives to offer the best Japanese-style cuisine in the city. Having recently been awarded as the number-one fine-dining shabu-shabu restaurant in Southeast Asia, quality is present in every piece of meat and choice of dish as you sit back to be guaranteed only the best shabu-shabu every time.

Momo Paradise

With sites in both North and South Jakarta, Momo Paradise is a popular place for lovers of Japanese food. This also means that you can enjoy some great shabu-shabu. The authentic Japanese menu has everything you would expect, while the décor is simple yet comfortable enough to have you coming back for more.


Housed in the Pullman Jakarta hotel, Kahyangan offers high-quality Japanese food with an extensive shabu-shabu selection and great views of the city. Altogether outstanding service, amazing city vistas, and unparalleled shabu-shabu and teppanyaki experiences make this a must for all lovers of the cuisine.


A popular choice for shoppers and stars alike in Grand Indonesia, Shaburi offers a fixed menu and also an all-you-can-eat option. Both are filled with delicious options that will satisfy anyone. The open plan also means that you can have a section to yourself or share it with a large group of friends.

Shabu-Shabu Express

If you’re looking to satisfy your shabu-shabu needs quickly, then Shabu-Shabu Express is the place for you. Found in many high-end malls, this quick shabu-shabu stop is perfect for long shopping days or as a quick break from touring the mall for interesting buys.

Shabu Shabu House Grand

A well-known dining option in Plaza Indonesia, Shabu Shabu House Grand offers everything you’d expect from such a high-quality location. Great service, reasonably priced food, and a relaxing ambience make for a great place to have a bite with friends or by yourself.

Fonzu premium Hokkaido Beer En -Shabu Shabu & Grill

What could be better than combining shabu-shabu with Japanese beer? The notion seems like an obvious choice as the flavour profiles go so well together. Also with Hokkaido being one of the most famously healthy places in the world with many residents living long, fruitful lives, there has to be some secret to their beer.

Eight Treasures

Although known for its amazingly artistic and high-quality Chinese food, there is also some exceptional shabu-shabu options here as well. The cuts of meat are only the best while the décor and style of Eight Treasures is both indulgent and luxurious.

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