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Deepavali or the Festival of Lights falls in October 27 -- which means you have time to organise a sumptuous feast with your family and friends at a restaurant, especially if you have no plans of preparing your own spread at home. If you are out of ideas and looking to celebrate the special day, here are 8 Indian restaurants you can visit. 

Ganesha Ek Sanskriti

As soon as you work into Ganesha your taste buds will start getting excited. The aromas that fill the restaurants are as amazing as the food. The Kemang branch is slightly smaller and therefore great for small groups and couples, while the Sudirman site is much larger but has slightly better food.

Queen's Tandoorqueens.jpg

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Seen by many as one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, Queen’s Tandoor offers amazing food and a large site, which is perfect for large groups or special occasions. The biryani is a particular crowd-pleaser, but don’t be afraid to explore the menu as all of the sauces are delicious. They have also created a fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine with some interesting results.

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Nestled in the Bellagio Boutique Mall, the Royal Kitchen is a favourite of a lot of foodies in Jakarta. The décor is what you would expect from the metropolitan area and it is good place to experience the food and culture of India while also dining in style.

Zanas Indian Fusion Cuisine

Whenever you dine in Zanas, you can be sure of two things. First, you will be dining with native Indians, which is always a good sign about the quality of the food. Secondly, whatever you order will be amazing as it is very hard to find anything which is deliciously tasty.

Fez-Kinara Dining and Lounge

Kinara is all about taking you to India while remaining at your dining table. First established in Singapore, this restaurant is all about the experience and they bring that with traditional Indian cuisine, music, décor and ambience. This is the perfect place if you wish to enjoy amazing entertainment while you eat.

Man Aur TanMan.jpg

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A very relaxing restaurant that offers a quiet ambience in which to enjoy your meal. The Mam Aur Tan menu focuses on Northern Indian cuisine, while surrounding you with amazingly traditional décor. This all culminates into an experience that is comparable with dining in an Indian palace.


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If you find yourself craving delicious Indian food in the area of Kuningan, then you should really check out Namaste. Offering amazing food and very reasonable prices this is a great place to drop in or even order to your home if you live locally. With very friendly staff you’ll want to try everything on menu.

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For those looking to enjoy a few drinks or maybe a relaxing place to sit with friends after their Indian cuisine, Face Bar is the place for you. Relaxing décor and comfortable seats await you and your partner or friends so you can digest the great food you have enjoyed in the adjacent restaurant.  

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