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There is always time to take your dear mother for some amazing food while shopping in Jakarta’s busy malls and when walking the streets. New places worthy of a special dinner date with your mother are opening all the time. Offering a wide array of food to remind your mum just how special she is, here are seven places to take her to in Jakarta.


Located in the central area of Jakarta this new Menteng-based café offers a relaxing break from the busy world outside. Perfect for having a chat while dining on some delicious food and pastries that will most certainly have you ordering a dessert for you and your mother at the end.  

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If you are looking to impress, then head to the increasingly popular PIK mall where you can experience the first wood-fired kitchen in North Jakarta at BARA. The menu has some amazing meat additions with glazes and rubs galore. Even if you don’t fancy meat, there are a number of salads and pastas that are prepared with the same effort and skill.

Acaraki Jamu

Sometimes it is not just great food you are looking for, but also some healthy drinking options. Jamu is a major part of Javanese culture with people enjoying many health benefits from its consumption over hundreds of years. Acaraki Jamu takes the traditions of jamu and brings them into the modern age. This makes it the perfect place for your mother to taste something she remembers in a new and exciting way while experts guide you through the process.

Ottoman’s Coffee Brewer 

Although a well-known name in South Jakarta, Ottoman’s Coffee Brewer has now opened a new branch in North Jakarta. Offering well-made snacks and larger lunch dishes, you can sit down for a nice chat and even better coffee. The menu also has juices and a few another healthy salad options to choose from.

Seoul Yummy

With more than 10 years’ experience on the highly competitive Singaporean food scene, Seoul Yummy has come to Jakarta to add its version to the growing love for Korean food in Jakarta. With a light and refreshing décor, the colourful pop references with give you something to talk about as you enjoy traditional South Korean food with your mum. 

Ninety’s Kopi and Resto

Enjoy some delicious dim sum or dine on some traditional Indonesian home-cooked delights. Everything at Ninety’s Kopi and Resto is aimed at relaxation, comfort, and good conversation. The open seating plan means you never feel overwhelmed or pressured as you can dine and talk at your own pace.

Social Affair

The brunch-style menu at Social Affair makes it a great place to take your mother when she can’t decide what she would like to eat. The mix of Asian flavours makes it a recognisable menu, but each dish still has a hint of Western style and size. With such a versatile menu, Social Affair is becoming a popular place to visit and is a great place to take you mum.

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