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Cocktails were created in a time when alcohol didn’t taste so good and mostly had to be kept secret. This led to the secret bars known as speakeasies being established, where people could enjoy creative drinks and indulge in entertaining conversation. Although the trend seemed to die out after alcohol became legal again in the US, the speakeasy is making a comeback with some amazing additions to the Jakarta bar scene. To send you on your speakeasy journey here are six of the best ones to seek out and enjoy in Jakarta.


Although not fulfilling the secret criteria of a speakeasy, Prohibition takes the name seriously. Inspired by 1920s America, you can enjoy tasty cocktails with a kick and some very good jazz music. For those looking for something a little special there is also a members-only club which can only be found and entered by members using a fingerprint scanner.

Barong Bar

Not as hidden as other speakeasy-themed bars, Barong Bar in the Fairmount hotel is filled with a wide range of whiskies. However, it is the bartenders care and personal creations that make this a special place to try. Many of the great speakeasy cocktails involve a range of ingredients such as bitters and different types of sugars all of which are made on site by the bartenders themselves. This results in some very unique creations.


With a black door tucked away on the side of a parking lot as the only way into this Senopati cocktail haven, Lola takes the notion of being secret literally. Those lucky enough to find this traditional speakeasy can enjoy expertly made drinks inspired by traditional recipes and amazing live music. This is the sort of place where you order an Old Fashioned and think how good life is.


Once you find the hidden corridor behind the wall on the first floor you will be able to take the lift straight up to Henshin. The Japanese-inspired sake menu results in some unique cocktail creations. The dim lighting can be filled with the sound of live saxophone on some nights, which all adds to the atmosphere created by the amazing view and great drinks.   

Csaba at The Gunawarman

Only members and hotel guests have access to this exclusive bar and all of the top-shelf spirits it has to offer. Located down a roped of set of stairs, which are often missed by passers-by, Csaba keeps up the tradition of The Gunawarman offering luxury and class.

Bauhaus 1933

Along with having a New York speakeasy-type vibe, Bauhaus 1933 has strong drinks and great music. This all adds up to making this a popular place for people who enjoy cocktails that don’t come with an umbrella and can be tasted long after you finish them.

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