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With so many flavours and creations, it’s hard to keep up with what is “now”. Trends come and go, but right now there are some that seem to be sticking around for the foreseeable future. This is due to millennials making them an increasingly popular thing or flavour to try out. Here are six of the top current millennial dining trends happening in Jakarta right now.

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Being the largest collection of islands in the world has resulted in an abundance of classic dishes and snacks that Indonesia can all its own. However, many restaurants are looking to combine recognisable flavours with other international dishes. This fusion of flavours has become a winning combination in many of the top places across the city and continues to be a sign of being in the place to be.

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As well as fusion, many hangouts and coffee shops are adding a little something new to classic snacks and meals. Popular things like martabak has been twisted with flavours like red velvet cake, while a particularly popular choice among millennials is sate taichan. Each month, new places pop up across the city with their own takes on local favourites. 

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Everyone loves cake, be it for a birthday or some other celebration, but recently more people are turning to something a little more savoury to bring a sweet moment to their party. Cheese tarts are a growing trend across the city with many people taking inspiration from the original Japanese creations. The popularity has become such a current trend that many places in which you can buy them are now endorsed by celebrities such as Laudya Cynthia Bella and Syahrini.

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You may have noticed that salted egg flavouring is everywhere with both noodles and more complex dishes adding this uniquely Asian flavouring. Snacks, main courses, and even some desserts have become increasingly popular both by word of mouth and online with people taking pictures and continuing the need for food to be as beautiful as it is tasty.

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If there is one flavour that is synonymous with the tropical sun and island lifestyle, it is mango. This has resulted in a burst of mango-flavoured and inspired creations. Mango drinks take much of their inspiration from the original Thai recipe, but over the years, Indonesia has made it its own with unique creations popping up all across the city.

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The K-wave continue to sweep across Indonesia, not only in the music and film industry, but also in the food and beverage areas. Korean restaurants are not new in Jakarta, but a craze is taking place with small Korean dishes replacing the larger counterparts. Dishes like bibimbap and variants of jjigae and tteokbokki are just some of the popular Korean snack dishes. Many Korean restaurants are also gradually becoming halal-certified, catering to the Muslim market.

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