Very few Asian delicacies can satisfy a craving like a martabak. The indulgent dish can be filled or topped with range of ingredients, which produce a savoury or sweet finish. So there is something for everyone when ordering to one’s home or dropping in to one of the many martabak options across the city. With some many options, it can be hard to choose which one to enjoy next, so to help here are six places that are taking martabak to the next level in Jakarta.

Martabak Pizza Orins

Taking everything that is loved about martabak and adding new tasty topics, Pizza Orins has created an irresistible dish. With all the interesting toppings you’d find on your favourite pizza included you can have the best of both worlds while diving into some unique martabak.

Martabak Sinar Bulan

Established back in 1974, Sinar Bulan has made a name as a respected maker of martabak. If you are looking for a perfectly made example of the Asian delicacy then this is the place to visit. There are both sweet and savoury options with the added helpful idea of having multiple different slices in one martabak, in case you have trouble choosing.

Martabak Bangka Akim

Although there are a few tasty options on the menu, the real stand-out is the sweet variety of martabak when visiting Bangka Akim. One of the biggest sellers is a rolled-up variation of the popular pandan-style martabak, which is served with cheese, chocolate, and nuts.

Martabak Gue

Since opening back in 2015, Gue has been busy trying to offer a slightly more unique take on everyone’s favourite martabak. As a result, they serve some of the best savoury options in the city with a range of meat-based and vegetable toppings and fillings. One of the funniest to try with a group of friends has to be the martabak nuggets, with each one filled with tonnes of flavours.

Martabak San Francisco

At Martabak San Francisco, they advertise as being a new concept when it comes to the innovation and creation of martabak. As a result, they are always adding tasty new options to the menu while maintaining a high level of taste and quality. So this is great place to visit more than once as not to miss another delicious martabak.

Martabak Boss

With many sites across the city, you are never too far away from a Martabak Boss. In each place, you get everything you’d expect from the name with experts making some of the best martabak in the city while keeping things fun and comfortable. Often people will order the takeaway option, but many of the sites offer comfortable seating for relaxing with friends.

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