As the rainy season comes to an end and the days become hotter, what better food to enjoy than a good barbeque? While some may cook the meat-filled delights at home, there are some interesting choices in the city. If you are craving something smoky and barbequed, then check out these six mouth-watering options in Jakarta.

El Asador

Although the barbeque is very tasty at El Asador, the all-you-can-eat offer takes it to the next level. The South American seasoning and sauces all add another unique flavour to the meat and will give you some truly unique barbeque experiences.


When it comes to barbeque, one of the main draws is the smell. The aromas that can fill the smoky air are truly delicious. These aromas can add to the flavour of the meal that is about to be enjoyed. So when you walk into an open-air kitchen that is cooking barbeque, your mouth will be watering before you even look at the menu.

Gahyo Korean BBQ

Marketing itself as the “best Korean barbeque in Jakarta” is a bold claim, but when it comes to cooking beef, it’s not far off. The selection on offer will cover anyone’s barbeque cravings with prime cuts from all parts of the cow. Anything from Wagyu to the heart and intestines can be cooked at your table using special house spices and seasonings. 

Holy Smokes

One of the most important factors to consider when cooking barbeque is the use of smoke. Both the smoking and the choice of wood used to produce the unique cooking method can affect the meat in a range of ways. So even if you have enjoyed barbeque before, when you try Holy Smokes you will be trying flavours that will surprise you in the most pleasurable of ways.

Sanjung 산정 Restaurantsanjung.jpg

Photo Courtesy of SAN JUNG 산정 Restaurant

A relatively new addition to the Korean barbeque scene, Sanjung is owned by a Korean couple, one of whom is the chef. The food is excellent quality, but be careful when trying the spicier options on the menu as they can be a bit surprising. The pork cuts are particular nice and can be cooked at your table or in the kitchen. Either way you’ll get perfectly cooked meat that will melt in your mouth. 

JR’s Barbecuejrs.jpg

Photo Courtesy of 

Friendly staff and cold beers await you when you visit JR’s Barbecue. If you find the notion of looking through a barbecue-based menu intimidating, then this is the place for you. The staff are ready to recommend something to fit whatever your craving might be. So why not try a few things off the menu to get the most out of your barbecue fix?

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