Matcha green tea has long been used in the culinary world. The herbal flavours lend themselves well to a number of drinks and desserts, which results in a variety of unique and interestingly prepared creations. Due to this, many places use it in their menus to satisfy the public’s craving, so here are six places in which you can try some matcha-flavoured delights in Jakarta.


Although known for a variety of poke bowl options, Honu also has a selection of matcha-invigorated drinks. A matcha latte, pink matcha, and matcha lime soda, among others, can be enjoyed with any of the specialised poke bowl options to quench your thirst while keeping you healthy.


An extremely old and well-respected Japanese tea brand, TSUJIRI uses matcha to flavour and create a number of unique and delicious creations. Ice creams, desserts, and a range of drinks can all be enjoyed, with the O-matcha Chiffon cake being a particularly amazing standout choice.

Amausaan Matcha Test

Offering more than 50 traditional Japanese desserts means that Amausaan Matcha Test is the perfect place to enjoy some matcha delights. Originally named Amausaan Uji Matcha, it is located in the Central Park Jakarta mall and has a few standout dishes—but the real star remains the very popular matcha-infused cheesecakes.

AMKC Atelier

Another matcha-flavoured dessert is the Matcha Cake from AMKC Atelier. Serving a variety of uniquely flavoured cakes such as the Sosro Tea cake, the Thamrin-located cake shop has one of the more famous Matcha cakes with many on social media snapping a picture or two before they take a big bite.

The Cup

With a successful number of sites in France, Germany, Hong Kong, and China The Cup is now in Jakarta. With a menu that focuses on home-made Korean food, you can find a number of delicious dishes all served in a bowl-type cup. One such matcha-filled dish is the Bingsoo Green Tea, which is served with soft ice shavings and a strong matcha flavour. Perfect for a hot Jakarta day.  

Fujin Teppanyaki and Japanese Whisky

Normally well known for its selection of amazing whiskies and sakes, the Fujin Teppanyaki and Japanese Whisky restaurant also has a little matcha treat to enjoy. The matcha-infused Crème Brulee is a unique take on the classic French dessert and offers an Asian herbal flavour to the creamy undertones that makes it strangely delicious.

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