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Catering can make life easier in many ways as not everyone has the time to cook every day for themselves let alone large numbers of people. Thus, catering services have been offering healthy diets and menus for some time on the tranquil island of Bali. Here are six healthy catering services you can order from right now.

Bibis Healthy Kitchen

Bibis Healthy Kitchen hopes to help you lose weight in a fun and delicious way. Founded by professionally trained nutritionists, the menu is filled with ways to achieve the weight you wish while remaining on a heathy path. An example is the Flexitarian diet, in which the consumption of meat and animal products is minimised without actually removing it from the menu.

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The three easy steps to maintaining your healthy diet at Guilt Free Bali make it a very popular catering service. Select the meal plan from a range of options to service your needs and desires, then place your order and simply wait for it to be delivered. What could be easier?

Mini Muncher Baby and Kids Food & Zero Waste Bulk Food Store

It is not only adults who need to eat healthily—often planning a set amount of healthy meals for children can be a worrying and stressful challenge due to the desire to protect one’s kids. Therefore, at Mini Muncher Baby and Kids Food & Zero Waste Bulk Food Store, you suddenly have your life made easier as experts will guide you through everything on offer and show you the perfect diet for your child.

Earth Café Bali

Be it just you or a group of 100 people, Earth Café Bali can provide fresh and naturally coloured foods with gourmet organic and vegetarian ingredients. It also has a selection of healthy and nutritious drinks and has been providing catering since 2006. All the staff are highly trained in a number of styles, techniques, and skills, which are all aimed at healthy living through food.

Mbah Galang Catering & Diet Mayo Bali

Many healthy catering options embrace Western tastes and dishes, but at Mbah Galang Catering & Diet Mayo Bali you get to dine healthily while enjoying Indonesian cuisine. Each dish is substantial in size but not in calories and will definitely keep you energised and active during the long hot days.


Although not aimed at small meals catering for personal diets, Dijon has been providing healthy catering for parties and weddings in all sizes and types. Established in 2010, the family-owned business strives to be the best provider of healthy catering for larger special occasions on the island. This is done with the use and advice of a team of specialists and eight years of experience.

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