With how creative F&B businesses are nowadays, many people are starting to search for a food guide, which then leads them to following a food blogger to know more about what kinds of food are popular right now in town. In addition to our previous article about the top 10 influential food bloggers in Indonesia, we thought we’d update you. So, here are five more trusted food bloggers to keep you in the know about the culinary scene in Indonesia.

Pram & Amelia

Based in Bandung, this young couple often shares their experiences exploring Bandung’s culinary scene through their blog Foodnote Stories. It all started from their hobby of eating delicious food—even so, their detailed reviews and friendly way of sharing them gained popularity over time, and in 2015 they were chosen as one of the nominees for INFLUENCE ASIA 2015 in the Indonesian food category.

Jeffri & Lucy

Another couple in our sights, Jeffri and Lucy are the ones behind the mouthwatering photos on JKTDelicacy. Motivated by their love of food photography and travelling, the two often journey around Indonesia and share their culinary experiences. Aside from the photos and detailed food reviews—which are behind their popularity—they also share their traveling experiences on their blog and social media accounts.

Felicia & Meidi

Starting with their love and hobby in the world of food photography, these two sisters decided to share their works with the world through their blog and social media accounts: Food Affair. Not only focusing on the food around Indonesia, Felicia and Meidi are also dedicated to sharing their photos and opinions regarding the eateries in other countries whenever they travel.

Herlin Lay

Aside from the clear and appetising food photos, Herlin’s simple but concise reviews are among the reasons why you should follow @herlineats on Instagram. Another great point about Herlin is that she’s really active, so you can trust her to keep you updated all the time. Now she has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and the number is still increasing.


When you land on Hartanto’s Instagram account at @hungryfever, you will see just how much he loves sharing his culinary experience with others. The photos are all clear and taken at the right angles, just what you’d expect from a food blogger. The thing is, he also adds simple explanations to most of his photos, such as the flavour of each food or the ingredients that can be seen, but it’s these details that make it fun to follow his feed.

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