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When looking for only the best cuts of meat for home cooking or larger BBQ parties, it is always good to know the best places to go to. Seasoning and sauces can only go so far unless you have the best produce on offer. So here are five speciality meat vendors that can provide you with a range of outstanding cuts, slices, and unique deli offerings in Jakarta.

Indoguna Meatshop

Being the main distributor for imported meat in Indonesia means that when you visit Indoguna Meatshop you are getting some of the best US, Australian, and New Zealand meat cuts for some of the best prices. Located in Kebayoran, you can find fresh and frozen meat and seafood for almost one third of other grocery store prices.

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Photo Courtesy of Mastro Meat Market

Located on Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, Mastro Meat Market is another popular meat market that offers choice cuts. With a good selection of US, Australian, New Zealand, Wagyu, as well as premium-sourced poultry seafood, lamb, veal, pork, and various kind of delicatessen products, you are in good hands.

Stevan Meatshop

One of the most well-known providers of supreme meat and poultry cuts and found across the city in a number of locations, the real star of Stevan Meatshop’s portfolio is the outside catering. If you wish, it can provide a BBQ party for up to 1,000 people using excellent cuts of prime meat that they will prepare and cook for you.

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Photo Courtesy of Edelweiss Delicatessen

Opened by Swiss national Thomas Bart in 2002, this store sells traditional European bakery products and meats in the form of frozen goods, which makes it a unique place among meat-vending options. Located in Cilandak, this is one of the first places to offer hams, cold cuts, bacon, and sausages such as Old English Pork, Chorizo, Merguez, Bratwurst, English Beef, and Wiener Wuerstchen.

Meat Me Steakhouse & Butchery

Specialising in US, Japanese, Australian and New Zealand cuts of meat, the main focus at Meat Me Steakhouse & Butchery is to educate people on the quality and preparation of top-level steaks and other prime cuts. Located in a few sites in the south of the city, this is the perfect place to learn about and enjoy amazing meat.

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