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Chicken is a versatile piece of poultry and is enjoyed in many forms across the city. One of the most popular is ayam bakar or grilled chicken. The smoky flavours go perfectly with the range of spices and herbs that are so popular in Indonesia. To help you get stuck into some tasty grilled chicken, here are five restaurants serving juicy ayam bakar-themed dishes here in Jakarta. 

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla, El Asador South American

All the food at El Asador South American is about having a good time with friends and a good time eating the food. The predominantly meat-based menu is filled with smoky, succulent options but one tasty grilled option is the Chicken Quesadilla, which is served with fresh colourful greens and separated into individual grilled juicy pieces.

Smoked Chicken, Up In Smoke

As with all of the meaty delicacies at Up In Smoke, the Smoked Chicken is prepared with great expertise in the BBQ and smoking department. The flavours are complex and filled with different levels of smoke and grilled to perfection as you dive in and enjoy the juicy chicken. 

Ayam bakar variations, Kila Kila

Looking for some tasty grilled chicken options? Then the poultry section of the Kila Kila menu has everything you will need. Enjoy the Padang-style Ayam Bakar Katio or, for something a little spicy, tuck into the Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak with its Javanese sweet-and-sour spicy sambal.

Char Grilled Balinese Chicken, Gioi

As with the other dishes on the select menu, the slowly roasted Char Grilled Balinese Chicken is juicy and flavourful. The hearty, colourful meal is served with a range of sauces and sambals and has the perfect flavour to accompany a glass of bold white wine at lunch.

House special ayam bakar, Lara Djonggrang

 With a menu that celebrates almost every island’s food in the great archipelago of Indonesia, it comes as no surprise that Lara Djonggrang has an amazing ayam bakar dish. The dish is so good, it has even inspired the restaurant’s name, meaning this is one special grilled chicken dish.

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