Sometimes, spending time in an open area a good way to relax, especially when you’re in need of some fresh air. However, finding a good outdoor area may prove a little difficult amid the hustle and bustle of the city. For this reason, we have gathered here five restaurants with beautiful outdoor area that you can visit when you’re in dire need of refreshment.


Located in Pacific Place Jakarta mall, you wouldn’t expect that this restaurant has a beautiful garden as its outdoor area—but it has. Its décor is right on point with star-shaped hanging lamps, a small fountain, potted plants, and lush trees set over the seats, creating a cosy ambience. Backed up by a line-up of scrumptious food and drinks, Odysseia is a great place to relax.

JimBARan Outdoor Lounge

Nestled inside AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA, JimBARan Outdoor Lounge will transport you into a hidden sanctuary surrounded by nature in the middle the city. In fact, you may feel as if you’re dining at a riverside retreat, rather than in Jakarta’s urban sprawl, due to breathtaking natural views. Try going at night and you’ll see that this place possesses a magical ambience with golden light radiating from lamps in the trees.

Sky Garden Café

Sky Garden Café is a great place to dine and relax if you like being close to the clouds, as it’s housed on the top of the Rasuna Icon Hotel. The greenery covering the fence and the addition of wooden tables and chairs make for a hidden oasis in the middle of Jakarta. Of course, it also has a wide selection of local, Asian, and international cuisines to whet your appetite.

Palm Court

Palm Court at the Four Seasons Jakarta is an ideal place for your afternoon tea and a relaxing lunch. Its classic and elegant décor makes it a good respite for dining, or just to relax with a cup of tea or coffee. A plate of its famous mango cheese-cake is also a perfect company when there.

Talaga Sampireun

In a city full of crowds and tall buildings, Talaga Sampireun is a gem for those who long for nature’s beauty. Located in three areas in Jakarta—Ancol, Bintaro, and Puri—Talaga Sampireun also offers a wide selection of mostly Sundanese food served in the middle of a calm lake. Diners can also request for their own saung (Sundanese term for hut), which is built right on the water, so you can enjoy your food in private.

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