As one of the most popular dishes in Japan, Japanese curry rice quickly gained popularity in many countries, including Indonesia. With its thick broth in perfect brown colour served on top of warm rice, it’s actually very hard to resist a dish of Japanese curry rice—not to mention when you’re also attacked by its delicious smell. Now, if you simply want to take a taste of Japanese curry rice, you can find it easily as there are many Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. However, what about the best places that serve the most delicious? Here we have put together a list of restaurants with delicious Japanese curry for you.

FŪJIN - Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky

If you’re an avid lover of Japanese food, perhaps you have heard the name of this restaurant in Senopati before. Ever since its opening in 2015, the modern Japanese bar has been gaining positive support from many people, mainly for its amazingly delicious food. Added with its homely ambience, eating FŪJIN’s Hamburg Curry here may just be the best present for your stomach.

OKU Japanese Restaurant

Located in the lavish Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, the Japanese restaurant OKU has always been known for its delicious food made by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, also known as Chef Kaz. In fact, you can clearly see his talent and love for Japanese cuisine by taking a look at OKU’s food, especially the bento boxes. OKU offers various bento sets and one of it even contains delicious Japanese chicken curry. It also comes off with appetizer and dessert, in which everything is arranged to suit the taste of the others.


Searching for a slightly different curry from your usual? If so, just take a trip to Okuzono in Senopati area as its Curry Nikomi Hamburg may be the answer. The tender beef topped with melting mozzarella served on top of Okuzono’s own charcoal grill, this Curry Nikomi Hamburg is a true delicacy among other cheese curries.

Sushi Hiro

As its name suggests, sushi is indeed the main focus at Sushi Hiro. However, Sushi Hiro has also done a very good job in making other delicious dishes, too, and its Hamburg Curry Rice is one of the examples. Its rich curry sauce, combined with tender beef, can definitely be included in your dinner menu after a long day working. If you’re not in the mood for beef, you can also try its Curry Udon which will surely warm you up. You can find Sushi Hiro at several places in Jakarta, such as Kelapa Gading, Senopati, or Pluit.

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

Serving home-cooked authentic Japanese food is what Nagomi Japanese Restaurant is all about. It has a great variety of Japanese cuisine, which includes a very delicious Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice. Served with a fluffy bed of omurice accompanied with crispy chicken cutlets and rich, deep-flavoured curry, this dish is simply irresistible. Try giving it a visit at Kelapa Gading and perhaps you will find yourself coming again for more.

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