There are so many dog lovers in Jakarta, yet so few places that allow people to take in their four-legged friends. Home or some other outdoor areas are probably the safest places in which you can spend time together with your beloved furry friend. When you think about it, it’s actually frustrating and unfair—at least for the dogs. Luckily, some places in Jakarta have already opened their doors for them. In fact, these five cafés will allow you to bring your dog dog inside—that is, if your dog can behave.

Sophie Authentique


Doesn’t a French bakery and dog-friendly café sound like a great combination? From freshly baked croissants to delicious sandwiches, Sophie Authentique is a French bakery with a collection of delicious foods and beverages that will make your time there worthwhile. If you’re in love with French pastries on top of being a dog lover, then Sophie Authentique in Kemang is one place that you absolutely have to visit with your furry friend.

Watt Coffee

Famous for its delicious coffee, Watt Coffee is one place that allows you to enjoy your coffee alongside your furry friend. You can also order simple meals such as pasta and waffles—something that definitely won’t go badly with your drinks. Located at two areas, Senen and Kemang, you can definitely bring your dog here for a quality time together.

Fillmore Coffee


With a cool industrial concept, this coffee shop will probably make you fall in love with it the moment you step inside. Located inside Suites at Seven in South Jakarta, it offers various drinks with delicious snacks to make your day better. And yes, Fillmore Coffee does allow people to bring their dogs in as long as they can behave, which adds more point to this place. After all, how can you resist enjoying a good coffee in a nicely decorated room accompanied by your beloved doggy friend?

Sleepy Head Coffee


Enjoying your meals with a little sunshine is never a bad thing. That being said, if you’d rather enjoy your drinks and food in an outdoor area, then Sleepy Head Coffee in Senopati, South Jakarta, is probably the right place for you. With comfy chairs on a wooden floor surrounded by greenery, this outdoor area will definitely make a great place to relax with your dog.

HONU Poké & Matcha Bar

If you’re searching for a place that allows dogs to come in while having a selection of healthy Hawaiian-Japanese food, then HONU is the perfect place for you. Unlike others, HONU focuses more on poké bowl dishes, which consist of freshly diced fish and vegetables, and Japanese matcha drinks. Additionally, you can also order side dishes such as edamame or sweet potato fries with wasabi and mayo. Sounds like a great place to be healthy and relax with your four-legged companion, right? You can find HONU at two posh areas in town: Kemang and Menteng.

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