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After a hard day’s work or just a long week, many people will be looking to enjoy relaxing drinks with friends somewhere quiet enough that you can hear the conversation. While bars and restaurants are great to sit in with friends, they can be a little crowded or cramped. So when you find a comfortable lounge to sit back in and enjoy time with friends, it’s something not to be missed. Here are five comfortable lounges to visit with your friends while you are in Surabaya.

The Socialite Bistro Lounge

Due to a lack of signage and its unassuming presence on the 5th floor of The Socialite Building, the Socialite Bistro Lounge is a great place in which to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The menu is refined enough to make the evening a special dining experience, while the drinks menu has enough variety to have you coming back for more. If you hope to reserve a table, remember to call ahead and part with a small downpayment to confirm your booking especially during weekends.

Domicile Kitchen Lounge

Although the menu has a good selection of lounge-inspired food and cocktails, the real attraction is the dessert options, which are as nice to photograph as they are to eat. The décor is a mix of brick, wood-finished panelling, and metal frames, which give a really rugged yet modern feeling when dining or relaxing here with friends.

The Avenue Lounge Bar

Wagyu Burgers and Spicy Coconut Roasted Chicken fill a menu that has more than enough delicious dishes to make your night satisfying. While the large open-plan area will always make you feel like you have enough space to enjoy your time with your friends and no one else, the large tabled seating also offers the possibility of bigger group options.

Capital Restaurant & Lounge

Being housed inside a mall means that Capital Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect place to relax after a long day of shopping. The menu is filled with Western elements and is served very stylishly, while the décor is filled with a variety of comfortable seating and a simple black finish. As well as food, it has a good selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages.

RUI Lounge & Bar

Sometimes you can handle a little bit of noise during a lounge visit with friends, especially when it is provided by a skilled DJ. Along with a fun atmosphere and group drink offers, you can enjoy some of the best DJs in the city here as they play relaxing chilled-out DJ sets, which will really set the mood for your night.

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