Aside from being home to many seafood restaurants, Surabaya is also the place where you can find many delicious bakeries to pamper your sweet tooth. Here are our five best bakeries in Surabaya to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Igor’s Pastry

If Asian delicacies are your thing, then Igor’s Pastry may be the right choice for you. It has a wide collection of Asian cakes that have familiar tastes produced from popular Asian ingredients—but with the right amount of sweetness you’re looking for. Added to with appetising looks, as in its Asian Dadar Gulung Cake, which uses grated coconut and gula aren, Igor’s Pastry is the ideal place to indulge in a little (or a lot of) sweetness.

Corica Pastries

An experienced establishment in its field, the famous Australia brand Corica Pastries is doing us a favour by bringing its wold-famous apple strudel to Surabaya. Although it’s known best for the strudel, you can rest assured it also has a collection of delicious dishes to fill your tummies with. From pastas to salads to the sweetest cakes, it has you covered.

Tirotti Bakery

Tirotti Bakery is home to myriad of adorable cakes that can melt your hear as well as your taste buds. Every cake comes packed with taste and a super-tasty appearance, so, like the dog-shaped cake picture here, you might want to snap a photo or two before indulging in it.

La Patisserie

With a luxurious and cosy interior, La Patisserie in the Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers is a great place to indulge your dessert craving. It has an impressive line-up of attractive cakes that won’t disappoint, including this cake with strawberry on top, perfect as an afternoon tea companion.

Toko Deli

Toko Deli at the Hotel Majapahit Surabaya has long been known for its wide assortment of succulent cakes and pastries. This Tiramisu French Pastry is particularly delicious and appealing in design, and when enjoyed in the lavish environment of the hotel, it might just be one of the best finds of your visit to the city.

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