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The well-known herbal medicine known as jamu has been around for an estimated 1,300 years and is becoming a recognised and respected herbal remedy. This has resulted in a number of sites opening up across the city. Each offers its own version of the herbal medicine, which has been said to have been the secret behind the famous beauty of Javanese princess and palace ladies. Here are three places bringing you a modern version of jamu in Jakarta and Bali.  

Jamu With You

Fun, bright, and straight to your door is the ethos behind Jamu With You. Based in Bali, it will deliver straight to your door if you live in Canggu, Umalas, or Seminyak. And when you are done, it requests that you give the bottle back so it can be recycled for future herbal help. Each product is clearly marketed as to what its purpose is, with treatments like energise, play, heal, and cleanse all available. All of the offerings use natural ingredients and are made using traditional recipes.

Suwe Ora Jamu

The atmosphere at Suwe Ora Jamu is one of comfort and confidence. The staff really know what they are talking about and can talk you through your choices, needs, or just plain curiosity. The set-up has the feeling of being in a herbalist’s secret collection, which results in the need to ask questions about everything you see. For those people looking for somewhere to try jamu for the first time, this is the perfect place.

Acaraki Jamu

Marketing itself as the “new wave” in jamu creation and sales, Acraki Jamu offers a very modern interpretation of the Javanese classic. Taking the time-tested recipes and using technically advanced methods to create and serve them has resulted in a clean, pure, and unique way to experience something so inherent to Javanese culture.

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