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The island life of Bali wouldn’t be complete without some amazing cocktails and the stunning bars they are served in. The ocean breeze and tropical beaches are often accompanied by some tasty alcoholic treats, but in recent years there has been an influx of cocktail bars with outstanding service and décor that wouldn’t be out of place in a big city. To celebrate these amazing offerings, here are 12 outstanding cocktail bars you can find in Bali along with some of the delectable concoctions you can enjoy there. 

Baker Street Social Bali

With no overt signage or obvious entrance, Baker Street Social is a true speakeasy bar. Entered via a staircase accessed through the Tiffin restaurant on the first floor, the bar is becoming increasingly popular due to its homage to Prohibition-era drinks. The no-nonsense menu is all about celebrating what makes a spirit so special while the bartenders love experimentation and whipping up custom tailored drinks to match your palates and needs.

Rock Bar

Known for stunning views and breathtaking sunsets, the Rock Bar also has some amazing cocktails to enjoy within picturesque surroundings. While you can enjoy all the classics, you can also try some Rock Bar creations such as the Rockatonic. Taking fig-infused gin and combining it with vermouth and orange bitters, this house special has a startlingly refreshing finish.

Night Rooster Bar

Using in-house-made bitters and exotic infusions, the Night Rooster Bar and restaurant has become a popular place to enjoy amazing cocktails since its opening. Helmed by the famous alchemist Raka Ambarawan, the drinks menu is filled with unforgettable cocktails that truly celebrate the spirits that form them. A perfect example of this is the NEE-GRONI Sh**t! We Forgot the Campari—the perfect combination of homemade sweet vermouth and gin.


Bikini explores “an exploration of flavours” as it produces twists on classics with modern techniques and a love for premium spirits. The menu has something for everyone’s palate, with options like Fruity, Floral and Vibrant”, Bitter Sweet and Spiced, and Bold, Big and Packed with a Punch. A standout performer is the Old Nutcracker—a combination of bourbon and festive flavours such as cinnamon and orange.

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With a name like Single Malt, you know that this is a bar for whisky lovers from around the world. The Great Gatsby-inspired bar on the second floor of the IZE Hotel in Seminyak has an extensive whisky collection that can be enjoyed straight up or as part of an aromatic cocktail. If you want to celebrate the complexity of the whisky, try a slowly crafted Old Fashioned.

Akademi Bar

Housed in the lobby of Katamama Hotel of the Potato Head family, Akademi Bar is more of a learning centre for people looking to witness and learn the craft of mixology. The bar has a “library” full of homemade infusions, enhanced local araks, barrel-aged Negronis, and house-blended tinctures. This all culminates in an amazing atmosphere for both new lovers of mixology and more experienced mixologists.

Copper Kitchen & Bar

Sitting on top of the Bisma Eight is Copper Kitchen & Bar. Overlooking the beautiful Ubud scenery, the bar and restaurant is a great place to also enjoy some fantastically crafted cocktails. The “earth to table” belief means that most of natural ingredients are sourced from Bisma Eight, Tegallalang Reserve, and Amed Fisheries. This results in some nature-friendly creations. Also, from 3pm-6pm daily you can enjoy a second signature drink for free, in case you can’t decide on which one to have.

Tiger Palm

Having started it all with Sarong, an institution on the Bali food scene, Chef Will Meyrick now has Tiger Palm under the company name. Featuring a sizeable selection of cocktails, including signatures, inventive creations, retro, and even a whole section dedicated to nutmeg cocktails, Tiger Palm is a relaxing pace to enjoy some locally inspired drinks. One such Cocktail is the Sehat Pria or “Healthy Man”, which is finished off with nutmeg foam.

The Blind Pig

Opened back in late 2017 on the grounds of Chapung SeBali, The Bind Pig is a hip speakeasy where you can down with a stiff drink right in the heart of Ubud. Enjoy some hand-crafted cocktails and drink up that opulent, Old World feel as you also pop over to the famous infinity pool club just nearby.


Found nestled in the unassuming fishing village of Jimbaran is Cuca. A tapas bar with small, shareable portions and big bold flavours and using only locally sourced ingredients, Cuca has become one of the most celebrated restaurants and bars on the island. Its signature cocktail menu reflects this with a host of interesting flavours and aromas to choose from.

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Photo Courtesy of 40 Thieves - BALI

40 Thieves is the place to go if you are a lover of bourbon or whisky. With an international line-up of whiskies and other spirits, you’ll be able to choose only the best when you’re looking for your next cocktail fix. The bartenders love being challenged, so just tell them what you fancy and see what wonders they create.


As the name suggest, the décor at Parachute embraces the outdoors with a natural breeze blowing beneath the large canopy. The natural feel carries on into the menu with a celebration of fresh flavours, vegetables, and prime cuts of meat. The Younglove is a celebration of strawberry-infused vodka, strawberry puree, and sterling crème brule, all amounting to a mouthwatering finish.

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