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Across the world, the island of Bali is synonymous with tropical beaches and crashing surf. This has resulted in a number of beach clubs opening up across the island, each with something special to offer. All can promise cocktails, warm sand, and crashing waves—but not all them can promise style. Here are 10 of the best beach clubs in Bali.

Finns Beach Club and VIP Beach Club

Offering a relaxed beach club experience with a a family-and-friends feel, Finns Beach Club is a great place to start your beach club search. Also, it now has a new VIP Beach Club where you can have a little more privacy, style, and lavish five-star facilities. If that is what you’re looking for when drinking and eating on the beach, then Finns has the best of everything.

Sundays Beach Club

The stunning combination of powder-white sand and azure blue oceans makes for an end-of-the-world type of feeling. This is what you get when you visit Sunday Beach Club, which is located in a secluded part of Uluwatu. Travel down using the cliffside escalator, which takes you to the hidden oasis, then enjoy food created by acclaimed Aussie chef James Viles and choose from an amazing drinks menu.  

Potato Head Beach Club

When looking to enjoy the luxury beach life of Bali, Potato Head is often at the top of the list. The curving main structure has elements of a classic James Bond movie, while the large grass area that leads to the private beach and pool is often filled with blankets and groups of people having an alcoholic picnic.

Manarai Beach House

If a beautiful sandy beach isn’t enough for you, then you can also enjoy two dazzling swimming pools and sleek violet daybeds when you try Manarai Beach House. One of the only options for a top-quality restaurant and wine combination in the area, this comes with a beautiful beach and ocean views.

Sandy Bay Beach Club

When visiting Nusa Lembongan, you have to try Sandy Bay Beach Club. A secluded beach club and privately owned bay means you can have a true island-lifestyle experience as you relax. If the beach life is a little too much for you, try out the infinity pool or find yourself a casual table to nibble on some of the amazing snacks and imbibe tropical cocktails.


When it comes to Canggu’s ever-growing beach club scene, the Lawn is a very popular choice. Due to it overlooking the waves and boasting one of the best sunset sites in town, the Lawn is always busy and can be a great place to enjoy music, cocktails, and great conversations with friends.

Azul Beach Club

A sprawling bamboo tree house structure greets you as you walk into Azul Beach Club, instantly giving you the feeling you have entered a pirate movie. The relaxed beach life and comfortable atmosphere is maintained throughout, but the real standout addition is the only true tiki bar on the whole of Bali. Very few cocktail styles or themes can combine with beachside life than tiki drinks.

Cocoon Beach Club

Fine dining, funky music, and luscious lounging are available at Cocoon Beach Club, making it one of the most complete beach club experiences on the island. As the sun goes down, you can sit among the sound of the waves and soft candlelight to enjoy the beach life and style with someone special or have an all day party with your friends. 

Ku De Ta

A famous Bali original, Ku De Ta remains popular and one of the top beach clubs in which to enjoy Balinese relaxation due to the simple, tasteful, and elegant style. Start on the beach and enjoy a cocktail or a late breakfast, and then head upstairs to feel the breeze of the ocean as you dine in the cutting-edge degustation kitchen, Mejekawi, for a next-level dining experience

Ibiza In Bali

This is Bali’s first Ibiza-style beach club. The famous European island has long been a mainstay of music, dance, and amazing parties. It is this ethos that continues through the Ibiza In Bali experience. Dance away on the beach while you drink top-quality cocktails and watch the sun go down.

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