Everyone has their favourite place for traditional Indonesian food, but some restaurants go that little bit extra. Indonesian cuisine is not just about the food: it is also about the culture and the area the food originates from.

The strength of Indonesia’s diversity can be seen on the plates of many places, but more and more places are adding an amazing aesthetic experience along with delicious food. So, we have put together a list of four places in which you can enjoy an amazing setting and menu at the same time.

 Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

As soon as you walk in to this restaurant you can’t help but notice the beautiful painting that practically covers the whole wall showing traditional Indonesian scenes. The room is not too big and provides enough room for a few large tables for big groups and smaller ones for more intimate dining.

If you find yourself a bit curious after making your order you can take a walk around and even pop into the on-site antiques store, which is packed with traditional artworks. On certain nights, your dining experience will be enhanced by a display of professional Javanese dancers.

 Bunga Rampai

With amazing furniture and table displays, Bunga Rampai has spared no expense. You’ll find it hard to find anywhere else that gives this much class and decadence with a traditional Indonesian menu.

White walls and strategically wallpapered walls give a sense that you are in colonial household or embassy from decades past. If staying indoors is not what you’re looking for, then move outside to the patio with its curved glass ceiling giving vision of art deco and tea parties.

Dapur Babah Elite

If you’re looking for something not only traditional but also old, then try Dapur Babah. Its dimly lit rooms are filled with vibrant red colours that make for a truly unique visual dining experience.

The restaurant is decorated with ancient antiques from around Java so you’ll feel like you are dining in a museum. This is a perfect place to bring business associates if you wish to impress them with a restaurant that gives you the sense of dining in traditional tribal house in the Javanese countryside along with just enough luxury.   

 Platataran Dharmawangsa

Being a little bit out of the way allows Platataran Dharmawangsa to be something different from the hustle and bustle of the Jakarta streets and malls. Straight away you are greeted with guinea fowl and doves walking around the entrance gardens but don’t worry they generally keep to themselves. Professional staff dressed in traditional clothes open the door and escort you to your table.

Inside you’re greeted by the prefect combination of old and new as Indonesian wood carvings and pillars merge with clear glass separators. This divide allows certain areas to have some revitalising natural light while others make for sombre mood lighting.

 Nusa Gastronomy

All the restaurants on this list will serve you fantastic food that pays tribute to traditional Indonesian cuisine. However, few of them can offer authentic gastronomy with an innovative touch better than Nusa Gastronomy.

Each dish is a work of art that you will be forced to pause and photograph before daring to enjoy your meal. Chef Ragil focuses his menu on creating an edible story of Indonesian culture.   

(Pictures credits: indonesiaxpat,emaze, Nusa Gastronomy, tuguhotels and Dharmawangsa )

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