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When combining luxury and cuisine, many would put French dishes at the top of their list. Bringing decadence and delicacy to the forefront of each dish is no easy task, yet French cuisine has always been able to delight our taste buds in the most elegant of ways. To celebrate this, we have put together some of the best French food options you’ll find in this bustling metropolis. 


Lyon- mandarinoriental.jpgLocated in the Mandarin Oriental, Lyon offers distinctive surroundings and a very impressive wine cellar that spans many vintages and grape varieties. Don’t be intimidated by the extensive wine list, as the staff will be able to help you pair any dish with a stunning vintage. Also if you really want to indulge check out the amazing deserts.

 Le Quartier

lequartier - whatsnewjakarta.jpgDelighting in offering whimsical French Brasserie décor, Le Quartier has been brought to Jakarta by Chris Janssens. Having experienced with Michelin-starred restaurants in both Europe and America, Janssens brings class and luxury to Jakarta through authentic, turn-of-the-century French cuisine with a contemporary European twist. Le Quartier means “the neighbourhood” in English and that is the feel you get with a classic Parisian street restaurant layout.

 Avec Moi

avec -.jpgA strong menu, amazing flavours and fresh ingredients, Avec Moi is a great addition to the French cuisine scene in Jakarta. The romantic atmosphere and food are so good you won’t have time to take any pictures as you’ll be too busy choosing what to have next. 

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Expertly crafted gourmet French cuisine with fresh ingredients and amazing flavours, all of which adds to the bright décor and crisscross ceiling lighting to create a uniquely sophisticate atmosphere.  With décor inspired by the Eiffel tower and food crafted by head Chef Gilles Marx, who has more than 20 years’ experience, AMUZ will offer you both sophistication and a Parisian atmosphere.


Interior-Cassis-Ganlob.jpgOffering everything you’d expect from a French restaurant, with luxury and elegance in abundance, Cassis offers a number additional delights as it can change its décor as any moment to celebrate seasonal parties or holidays. Along with the festival excitement, it also offers a Tasting Table night with a selection of special guest chefs so every night is unique and special for anyone lucky enough to have a table.

(Picture credited to offical resturant sites.) 

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