In more ways than one Yogyakarta is growing into more than a simple tourist destination. The culinary scene has always been strong on local dishes and specialities. However, now individual restaurants are really beginning to stand out as something more. To help you choose your next sensational meal, here are five restaurants in Yogyakarta that should not be missed.

Six Senses

With an amazing ambience and even better food you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to eat. With the small seating area, which is perfect for an intimate meal, head chef and owner Sergio Barreiros has created a surprising menu with some truly tasty Spanish treats.


This is one place where you’ll have to book a table. As soon as you walk into Mediterranea you’ll notice its popularity. Good food and fresh ingredients are backed up by live music, which is not loud enough to take anything away from the amazing experience. Also, with a menu filled with Mediterranean delights and much more you’ll be spoiled for choice.


As well as great food and a beautiful dining area, you will be treated to some of the best views any restaurant in the city can provide. You’ll find new shots and sites perfect for your next social media snaps. However, if you are hoping to enjoy a Javanese sunset, you will have to book as the outside dining area is normal fully reserved during the best photo-opportunistic times.


Having former American President Barrack Obama dine at your restaurant is a pretty big thumbs up, but don’t let that take away from the amazing food that Sasanti has to offer. Perfect for intimate dinner dates or larger parties, there is something for everyone with the menu showcasing local cuisines.

Royal Resturant, Ambarrukmo

Located in the five-star Royal Ambarrukmo hotel is a wide variety of tasty treats. Served as a fully stocked buffet-style meal, this is perfect when you want high-quality food but you just can’t decide what it is you actually want. There are options for table serves, but don’t be put off by the idea of a buffet as you might miss out on some very tasty food.

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