Edrington-owned The Macallan has collaborated with master perfumer Roja Dove to unveil the Edition No. 3: an aroma-focused single-malt Scotch whisky. With a global release of approximately 250,000 bottles, this new limited-edition whisky is the third release in the exclusive Edition Series.


To create this particular whisky, Dove teamed up with the Macallan’s master distiller Bob Dalgarno. Dove nosed a range of whisky samples, providing his insights and thoughts into the characters and aromas he experienced. From there, Dalgarno took Dove’s information to select dominant notes to help shape the final character of the Scotch.

Aroma is an integral part of the whisky-tasting experience, and oak is the focus here. A high proportion of smaller oak casks was used to highlight the distinctive aromas that Dove found in particular casks. A combination of six European and American oak refill casks was used as well as former Bourbon barrels.


With an ABV of 48.3 per cent, The Macallan Edition No. 3 is a sensory journey of flavour and aroma intimately entwined. Presenting a sweet and fruity character, it has notes of vanilla, fresh-cut oak, delicate florals and rich fruit cake with suggestions of apricot, pear and crisp green apple. Hints of ginger and cinnamon are balanced with a light resinous oak finale. The finish is long, sweet and fruity, and soft and rounded, leaving a lasting impression on the senses.

 Dove, who admitted that he used to hate whisky before this collaboration, said: “Bob and I have worked together to master the balance of taste and aroma, resulting in an incredibly flavoursome, fresh and citrus whisky with enveloping sweetness. It is an exceptional example of the whisky-maker’s art, where Bob has interpreted my thoughts so accurately, when combined with the extraordinary power of scent.”

Speaking of Dalgarno, Dove praised him: “It is really important to point out, when people use the expression of ‘the master of whisky’, I think most people have no clue about what that man is capable of doing. In Bob’s charge, he has 250,000 barrels of whisky. From a warehouse with a quarter of million barrels, he was able to find the casks with the flavour profile I was looking for—that is quite remarkable.”

Dove also explained the meaning of “C6.V523.T23.2017-003”, which is written on the box. “C6 means six different casks are used to get the flavour; V523 means Bob used 523 casks to make all the bottles; T23 is the tint—there is a specific spectrum of colour; 2017 is the year of production; and 003 is the edition number,” explains Dove. “Here’s a little trivia: the ‘.3’ in the 48.3 per cent ABV is only a reference for Edition No. 3—an aesthetic display from Bob.”


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