Whisky connoisseurs are always looking for immaculate and complex flavours that embody the lifestyle that come with a good whisky. They look for a comforting peaty aftertaste that lingers after a symphony of flavours while requiring that the elegance of the flavour is also matched by the sophistication of the bottle that it comes in.

The Macallan M Black 2018 Release is, thus, a meticulous masterpiece that demands the attention of serious whisky experts around the world. It is the evolution and expression of love by The Macallan and the need to forge something new and beautiful, as shown by the partnership between renowned creative director Fabien Baron and crystal master Lalique. The result is a breathtaking addition to the Macallan family.

A meticulously handcrafted crystal decanter holds this intriguing single malt. Intricate taste notes that roll down the palate like a melody of smoky orange and ginger with an accompaniment of rich dried fruit and oak, finish in a crescendo of a comforting peaty aftertaste. This is almost a private whisky—one to be shared on special occasions and released from your personal collection only when you want to impress. The rich natural colour, drawn from the exceptional oak casks, is a testament to the custodians who have nurtured and guarded these casks and their precious contents for generations.

Giving inspiration to the name M Black itself, the sharp, angular facets of the decanter push the boundaries of traditional decanter design. The name also conveys the black crystal material of the decanter and hints at the dark flavour profile of the whisky encased within. The brand’s spiritual home of Easter Elchies House and its curiously small stills, exceptional oak casks, the whisky’s natural colour, and The Macallan’s “Peerless Spirit” are all held within the luxurious black heart of the Macallan Whiskey M Black 2018 release. Meanwhile, the six facets featured in the decanter are Baron’s homage to The Macallan’s heritage: the Six Pillars foundation stones at the heart of its ethos.

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