The Macallan 1824 series is a masterpiece of whiskies in which whisky lovers will observe the colours of the collection turn increasingly darker and complex as one goes down the line, the result of the watchful selection of prime caskets.

One of the choices under the collection is called The REFLEXION, which stands out thanks to its natural colours that are derived from the first-fill sherry seasoned oak casks. Meanwhile, the single malt draws its hue and flavour from its maturation in smaller hogshead casks. These casks are special because they allow a greater surface area of the wood, which comes from Spanish and American oak, to interact with the whisky, therefore lending the drink an intricate character.

Whisky connoisseurs will embrace The REFLEXION, a selection tinged with blood orange and the rich aroma of orange and citrus fruits reminiscent of fresh fruits sold during a warm and sunny market day. Accompanying the fresh zest is a mélange of aromas made up of fresh green apples, sweet chocolate, thick fudges, boiled sweets, aniseed, and caramel toffees.

The discerning tongue will soon notice that the fresh citrus zest will give way to juicier and sweeter lemon and orange, with subtle hints of raisin, sultana, apple, cinnamon, and ginger. At the end of this medium and soft finish is the flavour of boiled sweets to balance the glimpses of toasted oak.

Macallan suggests serving the drinks using The REFLEXION decanter, which has been specially crafted to maximise the enjoyment of the collection. The decanter is a masterpiece in glass inspired by, and sculpted with, The Macallan’s iconic triangular shape comprising six facets that represent the six pillars of a supreme single malt Scotch whisky.

The collection, when imbibed using the glasses, will certainly become part of the routines of whisky aficionados. To find out more about The Macallan 1824, please visit

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