For a roaring New Year’s Eve party even at home, classic cocktails might be enough to satisfy guests. But to help you truly impress even the expert drinker, we’ve listed three distinct drinks that will light up the party. Above all, drink merrily yet responsibly, please!

Dark and Stormy

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Sweet notes? Check.  Spicy kicks? Check. Tart bites? Check. This variation on the Bermudian drink, with some saying that they don’t use limes, looks cool with the two contrasting tones. Play around with the proportions of different ginger beer and dark rum brands to get your perfect Dark and Stormy—the drink, that is.


  1. 22ml fresh lime juice from one to two limes
  2. 118ml ginger beer of choice (Barritt’s is from Bermuda)
  3. 59ml dark rum of choice (or use Bermuda’s Gosling’s Black Seal)


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice
  2. Add, in layers, the lime juice, then the ginger beer and lastly the dark rum
  3. Serve with a straw; lime garnish is tropically optional

Auld Draper

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The wine drinker should try concocting this fancy drink made of Byrrh—an aromatised wine-based aperitif of red wine, mistelle and quinine first made by French draper brothers. Try a standalone shot of Byrhh before your feast and then drink the Auld Draper after you sing Auld Lang Syne.


  1. 59ml dry gin
  2. 22ml Byrrh
  3. 3 dashes of orange bitters
  4. Garnish: orange peel


  1. Add gin, Byrrh and bitters to a mixing glass; fill two-thirds full with ice
  2. Stir until well chilled for about 20 seconds; strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice
  3. Garnish with orange peel, flamed for fancy points

Billionaire Cocktail

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Dushan Zaric of Employees Only bar in New York City developed this rich cocktail using the joint’s house-made pomegranate grenadine, although store-bought version also works if time is limited. Wow the guests with top-shelf ingredients served on a wooden table with some light jazz in the background for a more authentic drinking experience.


  1. 59ml high-proof bourbon
  2. 29ml fresh lemon juice
  3. 14ml simple syrup
  4. 7ml absinthe bitters or absinthe
  5. 14ml grenadine syrup made from pomegranate
  6. Lemon wheel for garnish


  1. Combine bourbon, lemon juice, absinthe bitters or absinthe and grenadine in a shaker over ice.
  2. Shake vigorously and strain into a coupe glass.
  3. Garnish with the lemon wheel.

Recipes and photos courtesy of Serious Eats, Saveur and I'm Bored; Let's Go

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