Redefining the experience of a local beach club, Ulu Cliffhouse has opened its doors to the public in Uluwatu, Bali. Situated 35 metres above sea level, this place offers absolute jaw-dropping views of the sunset and ocean.

Here, visitors can enjoy cutting-edge design by Shed London; food by world-class South American Chef Diego Muñoz; drinks by Albie Barratt; and legendary music producer Neil McLellan leading the in-house studio.

Created by Operation Dagger Team, KILN, and Mandala House, this nearly 5,000-square-metre clifftop oasis will welcome you with its iconic 1950s Palm Springs aesthetic, enhancing its raw environment with modern edges, effortless chic, and a youthful cheek. Spoil yourself at the famous surfing location in Uluwatu with Ulu’s concept of an open-air restaurant, cliffside rock bar hanging over the waves, a 25-metre infinity pool, and on-site spa.

With a capacity of up to 100 people, the culinary experience goes beyond the typical beach club menu by incorporating Chef Diego, with his global experience, as well as Bali’s local environment as its focus. With timber and rattan pavilions that provide soft dappled shade, Ulu Cliffhouse offers dining experiences with view over the Indian Ocean. From the bar, you can also see the chef showcasing his personal takes on ceviches, tiraditos, and an array of other culinary delights.

Said to be the home of Bali’s creative crowd, Ulu Cliffhouse provides a state-of-the-art music recording studio that supports live shows that will be streamed, as well as the next level of creative workspaces for international artists and DJs. There’s also a lifestyle boutique and an art space to please the guests.

Don’t forget to head for the hanging rock bar halfway down the cliffside via a winding stairway. With a capacity of 100, it offers a secret hideaway where guests can sip on tiki-style cocktails as they revel in the best sundowner the island has to offer. When the tide is low, the guests will have access to bar’s very own private beach cove where turquoise seawater meets a fine, sandy shoreline.

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