Whisky, without a doubt, is not simply a drink it’s also a lifestyle. That being said, it’s no wonder that the biggest whisky event in the world, Whisky Live, attracted the attention of many leading figures in Indonesia, despite the fact that it was the first time this luxurious event happened in Jakarta.

Whisky Live Jakarta 2018 was successfully held at the Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Hotel by the Indonesia Whisky Research Society on November 3 and 4, aiming to educate Indonesian society about whisky. “Making its mark in Indonesia for the first time, we hope to bring the ultimate whisky event by becoming the platform for guests to learn about whisky and for the best brands to showcase their products,” said Andrew Soetiono, CEO of Whisky Live Jakarta and the Indonesia Whisky Research Society.

“We also want to educate the market that whisky itself is a form of art, that should be savoured responsibly. Meanwhile, we create the greatest pairing with good food and brilliant art, in hoping to bring forth a complete immersive experience.”

Saying that Whisky Live is the world’s ultimate whisky event is certainly no exaggeration. Working together with 17 of the best brands, Whisky Live Jakarta provided more than 120 drink samples for guests to try. From the most renowned single malts, such as The Macallan, Singleton, and The Glendronach, which was unlimited for guests to indulge in, to selected fine Japanese whiskies available at the VIP bar, these sample drinks showed just how high they set the bar for this event.

Not only did the event provide unlimited tasting, Whisky Live also featured masterclasses led by international whisky experts for those who were keen to learn more about whisky. But would you say that fine drink is complete without the presence of fine-dining? Whisky Live also impressed its guests by teaming up with Oku, one of the premium Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Furthermore, the winners of Asia’s 50 best bars, such as Union, Basque, Jigger and Pony, and Wishbone also helped in enhancing guests’ experiences further with their specially crafted cocktails and food. After all, just as Andrew Soetiono said: whisky itself is a form of art that should be savoured responsibly with good food and brilliant art.

As the guests enjoyed their drinks and dishes, they could also enjoy a variety of art, including paintings and sculptures curated by ISA Art Advisory and the display of eight aesthetic limited-edition whisky bottles curated by Vivi Yip Art Room that were beautifully designed by local artists for the event. These limited-edition bottles were then auctioned by Deborah Iskandar, the Founder of Indonesian Luxury, who will donate the revenue to The Learning Farm, a foundation built for teaching organic farming to underprivileged youth.

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