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The activity of tea brewing, in itself, is a form of art that should be taken seriously. With one wrong move, even the most quality tea leaves will come out plain-tasting. Although Indonesia has a variety of specialty teas with distinctive characteristic, it is not very popular among many. In order to promote Indonesian specialty teas, the first tea-brewing competition in Indonesia will be held from November 23 – 24 by the Association of Indonesia Specialty Tea (AISTea) at JIExpo Kemayoran.

Despite its first time of being held in Indonesia, the competition will be taken very seriously. Tea masters from various plantations in Indonesia, as well as tea specialists, chefs, and culinary experts will be invited as judges for the competition, upholding a level of professionalism for the contestants.

There will be two categories in the competition: Classic Hot Tea Brewing and Creative Tea Brewing. Not only will the winners of each category receive prize money, but each contestant will also be given sets consisting of specialty teas: quality leaves with unique characteristics coming from various plantations in Indonesia, such as Bengkulu, West Sumatra, Bali, Central, and West Java.

AISTea itself is an association that serves as a hub allowing specialty tea enthusiasts in Indonesia to undertake various activities together, including exchanging information, collaborating, promoting and expanding the specialty tea market.

“Through AISTea, we want to show that tea from tea plantations in our homeland are also of high quality,” said Ratna Somantri, the public relations and tea sommelier of AISTea.

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