Known as the best hamburg steak restaurant in Japan, Ishigamaya finally opened its first international branch in Indonesia and located at one of the biggest malls in Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia. Opened its very first outlet in 2010, Ishigamaya gets amazing responses from steak lovers in Japan, we can tell just by seeing how many people caught queueing along the outlet just to taste this super-delish stone oven grilled hamburg beef.

Ishigamaya is a restaurant specializing in Hamburg Steak made from 100% black beef from the wagyu breed of cattle raised on the vast pastures of Australia. The smell and the sound of grilled hamburg steak inside the stone oven will welcome you with warmth the first time you stepped into the restaurant.

Hamburg beef is one of the most popular food in Japan, and this Ishigamaya restaurant is all beyond that. They only serve hamburg steak made from premium-imported meat with an in-house process directly from the restaurant so they can make sure to serve the best that they can. Served with vegetables and various choice of special sauces on top of the steak, no wonder why this stone oven grilled technique makes the hamburg steak juicy and delicious at a time.

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