Known for its unique eateries that seamlessly blend a selection of  Asian cuisines, Sarong Group recently added a new edition to its list. Located in the Northern Seminyak area of Bali, Som Chai is inviting patrons to indulge in delicious Thai cuisine interpreted through locally sourced Indonesian ingredients with menus derived from a diverse range of Thailand’s regional cooking styles. Paying homage to the era of the first Kings of Siam, Som Chai promises a different fine-dining experience for family and friends to enjoy while in Bali.

Chef Will Meyrick, who serves as the founder of Sarong Group and who is one of the country’s most well-known street-food chefs, has spent the last decade exploring Asia and learning about its delicious signature dishes. For Som Chai, Chef Will spent months learning about the intricacies of traditional Thai cuisine. The result, Som Chai encompasses the very essence of excellent Thai food with unique twists.

But first let’s talk about the sophisticated ambience. Created by Sarong’s team of designers, Som Chai’s interior boasts a sophisticated and artful charm designed in a “secret cavern” of ballroom proportions and bar. Divided into restaurant and lounge areas, patrons enter through a magnificent golden door exuding a “Steam Punk Siam”-inspired interior visible through the usage of modern materials and minimalistic finishes like brown marble, dark wood, brass, black lace, smoked glass and strong upholstery.

Elsewhere, the dining area is filled with lines of large arched mirror placed together with full-height rattan dividers that separate the dining booths, providing patrons with much-needed privacy. The full dining area, which can accommodates 80 guests per seating, is also divided centrally by a runner leading to a large, traditional Victorian marble back bar where a wine room is placed above with an impressive illuminated window display of wine bottles.

From wood-fired stoves, charcoal fire grills and clay cooking pots, the dishes served at Som Chai offer specific flavours with the inclusion of homemade ferments: the fish sauces and shrimp pastes stay true to Thai-style flavours, so expect explosive flavours of sharp, sour, sweet and spicy.

For drinks, Som Chai Drink offers a fantastic range of cocktails presented in new ways by blending botanically infused ingredients like herbs and liquors into refreshing potions, along with artisan beers and other classic mixed drinks that can be enjoyed with signature street-food bites. The bar itself is designed in rustic industrial décor where contemporary urban meets with an Asian design sensibility. Open from 5:30pm to 1am, Som Chai Drink also hosts performance artists, live music bands and resident DJs, paying homage to Old Chinatown in Bangkok.

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