Located in En Vie Lane neighbourhood complex, Salazón is the latest restaurant to heat up Seminyak’s area with its industrial-chic restaurant and bar décor concept that serves enticing wood-fired, cured, smoked and grilled meats and fish menus.

Referring its name to the method of salt curing and the various dry-ageing, Salazón boasts a bench-top seating opposite an open-kitchen housing a 5.8 ton Scotch wood-fired oven that remains burning 24-hours a day at differing temperatures to produce everything from bread to roasted fish, poultry and meats. In the middle of the spacious restaurant, an array of dining tables sprawls ahead with a deer-like wooden horn chandelier hang above, while a sculpted, ceramic map of Indonesia is suspended above the bar façade. The restaurant also offers private dining room with textured slate finish, black carpet floor along with ten-seat suar wood dining table and large chandelier hanging above.

Salazón offers mouthwatering smoke and grill menus emphasising its wood-fired cooking method. Everything served in the restaurant is made on-site; the dry-aged meats, the charcuterie, even the sourdough bread and the butter served with it. The expert team at Salazón produces vinegars, tomato sauces and relishes, chili sauces, ice cream and pastries.

For recommended dishes, Spanish mackerel comes up first on the list. The fish dish is dry-aged for nine days with a subtle and delicious result lacking any strong of fishy flavour. Other favourite dish include Chopped Tuna: dry-aged loin, cheek and belly, which are then smoked and served with tattie scone and sea urchin. Next, don’t miss out on its dry-aged Beef Tartare: 4 different cuts of beefs, infused with cured beef fat, salt, pepper, chives and then served with eggplant crème, pickles and seaweed crackers.

Elsewhere, on its beverages menus, Salazón sticks true to its wood-fired theme and offers a refreshing, tailored list of cocktails. This includes smoked negroni (available from the negroni trolley) and burned lemon daiquiri made with lemons baked in the Scotch oven that give the drink a charcoal zest. Wine lovers, fret not: the restaurant also offers an extensive wine list.

“When people think ‘wood-fire’, they tend to think of pizza, but we take the process to the next level making it intrinsic to almost everything in the restaurant—even our cocktails have smoky tones. For me it’s pure, old-school cooking without modern equipment, using traditional aging, smoking and pickling processes. It’s back to basics, like my grandmother would have done,” said Executive Chef Paul Lewis.

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