Just yesterday, Indonesia Tatler was indulged at Pasola Kitchen in The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta, where Chef Petty Elliott, who is also a renowned author and food consultant, presented a range of modern Indonesian cuisines, inspired by the archipelago in honour of her collaboration with Coral Triangle Safaris.

Chef Petty, teamed up with The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place’s Executive Chef Sean MacDougall, together they created a creative and exclusive menu for guests in honour of the Charity Dinner that will be held on Thursday, 22 February 2018.

The preview luncheon menu consists of Pelangi Ikan Gohu, Binte Biluhuta, Daging Sapi Sambal, and Flores Coast for dessert. While guests were indulged in the sumptous dishes, they took time to showed us films by Coral Triangle Safaris, in which it introduced luxury Sequoia yacht and showed the highlights and the exceptional reefs they found in Indonesia.

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During the luncheon, Chef Petty also explained how this collaboration came about. After teaming up with Chef Sean many times since 2010, the two decided to establish a charity dinner that could occur every year. The 8th annual charity dinner becomes more special as Coral Triangle Safaris have decided to support the charity.

Coral Triangle Safaris is the company behind the Sequoia luxury yacht, a 26-meter Indonesian Bugis boat in the works for the last five years. The company have decided to support the charity dinner because one of the reasons why the company began was because as co-founder, Kevin M. Corcoran, explained he felt inspired after he went scuba diving with disabled people. He admired those young and brave disabled people and wanted to build a yacht that is safe, modern, private and comfortable for everyone, including people with disability and the ecosystem.

Sharing the same vision in life, Coral Triangle Safaris then became interested to participate in this charity dinner, hoping that some disabled people from Yayasan Wisma Cheshire could go on the Sequoia yacht and experience the beautiful ocean and reefs in Indonesia along with improving their livelihood with the donation made from the charity dinner. The Archipelago Charity Dinner will raise funds for Yayasan Wisma Cheshire, a foundation that provides services for disable people in Jakarta and Aceh.

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