Tasting fancy spirits and cocktails is a luxurious activity that not everyone can experience, but what about those that are barrel-aged? Even more luxurious than ordinary cocktails, barrel-aged drinks are believed to be among the best, especially if it has been aged in wooden barrels. Now, renowned for its classic cocktails, Barong Bar at Fairmont Jakarta is raising the bar even higher by launching its barrel-aged cocktails, which you can expect starting from November 29.

Collaborating with the world-famous mixologist, Michael Callahan, Barong Bar will provide the finest cocktails by using its own in-house barrel-ageing system that use two kinds of wooden barrel. While American Oak gives more of a carbon-charred spiciness, French Oak barrels impart fruity notes with a nutty flavour along with a hint of light chocolate. With this, other than barrel-aged spirits, such as gin or cognac, guests can also try cocktails that have been aged inside a barrel divided into three categories: Apéritif (served before dinner), House Signature (cocktails that are changed seasonally) and Digestif (served after aa meal), thus adding more variety to its drinks.

To provide an even better dinner experience, Barong Bar allows guest to create their own barrels, in which they can request a barrel filled with their favourite drinks to be aged for several months depending on the request. Guests can also purchase single barrel of high-quality spirits for private bottling or to be kept at the bar for their convenience.

These barrel-aged drinks will pick up flavour notes from the wood, enhancing their taste to a whole new level while demonstrating Barong Bar’s passion and commitment to providing its guests with the best way to enjoy cocktails. For reservations, call Barong Bar on (+62 21) 2970 3333 or email diningreservations.jakarta@fairmont.com.

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