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Hands down one of Jakarta’s best locations, cozily nestled in the centre of Lotte Shopping Avenue and inside the Raffles Jakarta hotel, Arts Café by Raffles is offering up a wonderful Chinese brunch set within a chic and luxurious interior adorned with the backdrop of Hendra Gunawan’s artworks. Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Maria Wang, guests can feast their eyes on an irresistible selection of mouthwatering ingredients that go into making the best lamian – or hand-pulled noodles – made fresh from the moment they order them.

Meanwhile, showcasing a lavish buffet concept while incorporating the elegance of Chinese influences, the café features some of the chef’s signature dishes such as the lamian live station, a dim sum trolley, a ma la tang station – widely known as spicy hotpot – and the one indulgence you can’t miss: the super-crispy suckling pig.

“We are delighted to see happy customers enjoying our special Chinese brunch and spreading the word about our authentic Chinese food here, since it is unique,” said Chef Maria while showing us the ma la tang station.

“Indonesians love sweet and spicy tastes, while in China, we are more familiar with salty and spicy flavours. This is why I want Indonesians to try our awesome salty-spicy food with our secret sauce.

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Remaining true to the Chinese way of dining, the Chinese Saturday Brunch also includes a healthy food selection of the finest array of low-calories dishes, and guests seeking something special will be truly satisfied with one of Arts Cafés stars: the healthy double-boiled soup. With just a few added ingredients, the chicken is steamed for around two to three hours to bring out its light yet sweet flavours. Crunchy Chinese dates are then added to complete the healthy concoction, which, it is claimed, helps regulate blood flow in the body.

Offering diners a balance of spicy and salty flavours, most dishes are steamed and stir-fried to keep them complete the whole gastronomic journey. Arts Café by Raffles Jakarta welcomes guests who wish to enjoy its authentic Chinese brunch every Saturday from 12 pm to 3 pm with free-flow fragrant Chinese tea and chilled juices.

Secure your reservation by calling +62 21 2988 0888 or visit Raffles Jakarta official website.