1/5 The Forest by Wyl’s

WYLS.pngFoto dok: Forest by Wyl's

The recently opened The Forest by Wyl’s is a mix of Indonesian and Western dishes set in a beautifully open-floorplan restaurant. The large windows that reach to the roof of the restaurant give guests a sense of being in a large greenhouse, while the outside lends its inspiration to the name. Greenery can be seen at every turn, with a large infinity pool at the centre of what will surely be a new dining hotspot in the city.

2/5 GIOI

GIOI1.pngFoto dok: GIOI

With beautiful decor and a naturally lit dining room in the afternoon, as well as being subtly lit for nighttime cocktails and conversation, GIOI has become a stable escape from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding Thamrin area. The dishes are a mix of different Asian nations’ staples that can be shared in a spacious table-based setting, while upstairs, the comfortable seating makes it almost impossible to resist a cocktail or a cool glass of wine.

3/5 SĒL

SEL1.pngFoto dok: SĒL

The latest addition to the Gunawarman food scene, SEL offers a modern setting with classic favourites. The menu is filled with Western-style dishes that are easy to choose from and are perfect for quick lunchtime meetings. If you are looking for something a little earlier, SEL also has a breakfast menu with some healthy options to start your day.

4/5 House 89 restaurant And cafe

HOUSE89.pngFoto dok: House 89 Restaurant and Cafe

One of the newest places to appear in the Tanjung Duren area in South Jakarta, House 89 Restaurant and Cafe is a cosy place to sit and enjoy tasty bites. The staff are also very friendly, and a lot of attention is placed on making the food both satisfying and delicious. Worth a mention is the selection of desserts and cakes, which will be hard to resist as you get some work done or share a bite with a friend.

5/5 AKAR

AKARRESTO.jpgFoto dok: AKAR  

With both outdoor and indoor seating, guests can enjoy warm alfresco dining or cool indoor rooms far from the rain when visiting Akar in the Gunawarman area. Its Indonesian menu has a few Western dishes with local twists and flavours, while the large seating plan makes this the perfect place for groups of friends or a spur-of-the-moment work event.