To celebrate the awesomeness of food, talented food enthusiasts have dedicated their lives to guiding and enlightening our lives, especially about what and where to eat. With the F&B business now firmly embedded in culture, there are so many options out there. As such, more and more people are looking online for inspirations, and so it was that food blogs are born.

 These food enthusiasts are taking up blogging to share their love of food, from reviews, tips, and even posting #FoodPorn on Instagram that will make your mouth drool. But what’s so special about food bloggers?

 Yes, they may not be professional critics or food editors, but these bloggers are very responsive, and they can interact with their fans through writing about food or restaurants in an honest, light-hearted opinion. And that’s what makes them very approachable.

 So, to help you with your quest for reliable information about the most delectable cuisine, here are our 10 favourite food bloggers.

Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa (

Six years ago, this lovely couple starting to share their love for food and travelling by making the blog “AnakJajan”, which is now one of the most visited food blogs in the country. The couple has also received many awards, like the 1st winner of Axis Blog Award 2012 Culinary Blog Category, Top 4 Nominees of INFLUENCE ASIA 2015 Indonesia – Food Category, Blogger of The Year Winner of RCTI Social Media Award on 2016, and the WINNER of INFLUENCE ASIA 2017 Food Category 2017.

 Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto (

To share his passion for food and photography, Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto started his blog five years ago. Now, he regularly shares the newest updates on Jakarta’s culinary scene.

Hans’s food fetish and his love of photography are the reasons that Eatandtreats is now one of the leading food blogs in the city. Hans also dedicates his blog to people who love travelling, and he often posts travelling diaries that are well worth reading. Today, Eatandtreats has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, where shows off his amazing photography skills.

Mullie Marlina (www.MyFunFooDiary)

Mullie Marlina started out in the blogging world to share about her daily life and her recipes. One day, she decided to get serious about her blogging because her friends and relatives were asking her more and more about food and travel recommendations. Since then, MyFunFooDiary has become one of the biggest sources of inspiration for food enthusiasts and even for tourists. Her husband, Andy Handoko, also plays a huge role in producing mouthwatering photos on their website and Instagram feed.

Tere (www.HeyTheresia)

Tere is a financial management cum laude scholar, but her main activity now is blogging. This multi-talented lady is a blogger, food traveller, video content creator, self-taught cook, lyricist, and a YouTuber. With 1,000 daily visitors on her blog, 55.6k followers on Instagram, and more than 5,000 YouTube subscribers, Tere is a real foodie genius.

Windy Iwandi &Andrey Raharja (

Another power couple alert! Windy and Andrey decided to start Foodirectory as their first collaboration as a couple. It all started from their hobbies, which are looking for new places to hang out and hopping around through the city.

And, of course, just like all millennials, taking pictures of what we eat is what they do. One day, Windy and Andrey realised that they can and should share their adventures about finding new spots to eat, whether it’s a cafe, restaurant, or street-food stall. Now, their webpage views reach more than 150,000.

Daisy Caroline & Yu Kato (

Photo: Courtesy of TheFoodEscape

Food is truly divine for Daisy and Kato, who were living a long-distance relationship: Daisy was in med school (yes, Daisy is a doctor now) and Kato was working somewhere in Sumatera.

They normally went out to find restaurants and take photos. One day, the Food Escape idea popped up and it’s been seven years since Daisy and Kato started sharing their reviews and tips about the hippest food trends on thee blog. They also share quick but detailed reviews and updates about the most-talked-about food in the city with their 48.8k followers on Instagram.

Ryan Hartanto & Kannethly Garry (

Diary Makan is a food blog and its authors are Ryan and Kannethly. They are really passionate about food and that is why they teamed up and starting this blog—to share their passion with fellow foodies. On the blog, you can see the amazing shots by Ryan and well-written reviews by Kannethly.

Jiewa Viery (

Photo: Courtesy of Inijie

Jiewa, or Koko Jie is a full-time foodie and food photographer. Previously, he worked as a webmaster, but now he writes full-time about food and photography on his blog,, and shows off his amazing photo skills on Instagram. Koko Jie even created a degree for himself as an “MBA”, which stands for Master of Blog Administration from “WordPress University”.

Fellexandro Ruby (

Photo: Courtesy of Wanderbites

Ruby, or Captain Ruby on Instagram, is a food storyteller. Through blogs and Instagram feed, Ruby loves to share his stories about food, travel, and culinary hits. Ruby is also a food photographer and videographer. is his website and here you can find many of his writings about food. He also shares his thoughts about restaurants as well as tips about food photography on his posts.

Cindy & June (

Photo: Courtesy of LulabySpoon

Cindy and June have been friends since forever. They grew up in the same community, they go to the same church, and they went to the same high school. Since Cindy and June both really love to eat and are always up for a new quest to find out about current food trends, they decided to create a food blog named LulabySpoon. June handles all the writing and Cindy takes all the pics; through their blog, Cindy and June share the most-talked-about food new from across the city! 

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