One Eyed Jack

After two successful One Eyed Jack izakaya in Bali, it is now the capital’s turn to enjoy some smoky yakitori skewers with sweet umeshu liquor after office hours. Located in the busy Kuningan area, this sleek minimalist gastro-pub will quench any thirst with a long list of classic cocktails, Japanese-fusion mixtures, sakes, Japanese whiskies and beers, and much more. For bites, trust your taste buds in the expert hands of Chef Rapha Menchaca, a Nobu veteran. Some winners include the Rock Shrimp Tempura with creamy spicy sauce, and Molten Chocolate Cake lovingly served with matcha powder and matcha ice cream.

 Mr Fox

To thirsty and famished Jakartans, it’s been a month since Mr Fox opened his humble hideaway in the Energy Building serving crispy crickets and tasty tipples. Reflecting Mr Fox’s love of travelling, expect Chef Vebrina Hadi to whip up interesting flavours from Es Teler Smoothie Bowl with granola for breakfast to Pan Roasted Seabass with peanut-butter sauce and avocado for a light dinner, and tape-filled Greek loukoumades doughnut for dessert. Mixologist Peter Seabrook further enhances the experience with drinks such as the pretty Madame St. Germain, or the Captain Cori who brings a mysterious message from Mr Fox—quite a fantastic host, no?

 Eastern Opulence

Truly brimming with splendour, both quiet and loud, each section of Eastern Opulence is decorated from the ceiling down to the décor in different themes from Javanese to Chinese, and everything in between. Spacious throughout its two-floor building in the Senopati area, many parties and events have been held here since the doors opened early this August. Hit Indonesian menus served are the ox tongue perfectly spiced with green chili, gourami fish in sweet and sour rujak sauce, and the Bebek Asap Raden Wijaya, a smoky, tender and soft duck thanks to six hours of smoking with sandalwood and tea leaves.


Park your tired bodies in cosy, burnt-gold rattan chairs as the weekend sunset starts in Pippo’s semi-outdoor area in Senayan City. Begin a family-style dinner with aperitif, charcuterie and cheese, and then slowly launch into appetiser with Prosecco, clams in white wine and ravioli in light broth. Next, share a plate of pansotti pasta with truffle and mushroom along with a pan of seafood and rucola pizza. Try the specialty Fiorentina steak or lamb chop for mains along with your favourite red wine from Pippo’s extensive list before a leisurely end with digestif and tiramisu.


Fly to cloud nine and witness Jakarta’s electric skyline from Momozen on the 46th floor of the Plaza Tower. Start easy first with bites of the fried Yuba Frog that gives the right amount of savoury and soft without the oily and fishy taste. Next, taste a more familiar ground with simple yet surprisingly good combination between silky somen, tasty truffle and crunchy caviar. More truffles can be tasted on the table-side serving of Truffle Donabe Gohan, or rice cooked with dashi broth and truffles, and Baby Chic Truffle Rice—a whole slow-roasted baby chicken stuffed with truffle-butter rice.

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