As the idea of superfoods gains more traction in today’s lifestyles, Leafwell Group now presents Fedwell in Senopati with its signature nutritious menus. Either choose from its themed bowls or pick the fillings yourself—the combination is aplenty, starting from the base with pasta, salad, quinoa, and brown rice, tabbouleh, or mixed purple potatoes. Soy- or animal-based proteins alongside more vegetables, plus crunchy toppings and fusion dressings, round it all up for a wholesome meal. Finally, end it well with a warm cup of lemonade coffee or a matcha soy latte to go with quality conversation cocooned inside Fedwell’s pastel pink walls. 


Authentic Indonesian food served in a calming green at the Gunawarman area is Soulfood, which encourages sharing big portions, from fragrant turmeric-spiced pesmol fish to savoury lodeh soup, wagyu beef, and SOULFOOD’s beloved squid-ink fried rice, with family or friends. Dessert is another affair here as traditional choices, from serabi to putu mayang, and ketan kinca with durian, are all tempting. Wooden and rattan furniture scattered in the indoor dining area and two VIP rooms are warmly lit with unique lanterns, while long sofas in the semi-al fresco area surrounded by potted greens give a meditative respite from the metropolis. 

FEAST by Kokiku

An online platform for culinary contents by contributors that include Chef Yuda Bustara and Chef Putri Miranti, Kokiku now goes brick-and-mortar with Chef Ray Jansen. The resulting classic Indonesian dishes now have modern twists, such as the salad with shredded duck, lotus chips, and blue-turned-purple vermicelli once upon a kalamansi citrus sprinkle. Another must-order and must-share succulent dish is the 48-hour grilled beef ribs served with bone-in roasted marrow. Paired with matah and colo colo chilli sauces alongside sautéed cabbage, the whole sensation—sour, spicy, and savoury flavours dancing along the contrasting textures of creamy and crunchy—is just addictive. 


Thirteen years from Seoul to Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macau, and now Jakarta, Goobne brings healthier alternatives to crispy chicken through baking. Only organic chickens are lovingly seasoned and perfectly cooked in seven types of marinades and rubs—making you forgive the sound of soft crunches. From barely spicy to mildly and truly sweat-inducing spiciness, Goobne concocts original, fruity soy garlic, sweet and spicy, cheese, pepper crispy, volcano, and extreme volcano. While beers pair nicely with these chickens, there are daring margaritas, including one with blue curacao and syrup inside a shark figurine, plus shaved ices to cool the fire.


 Bake and Artisan Coffee & Co.

A snug spot in the growing BSD area is where the industrial-themed Bake and Artisan resides, complete with writing on the wall, wooden floors, and occasional greens. Ombe Kofie makes the joe here from cold to manual brews, and enough sweet variations in between—not to mention the friendly and skilled baristas able to draw out adorable latte arts. The non-caffeinated drinks include specialty teas, mojitos, and milo to go with pastries, cakes, savouries, and many others. Besides being sold in slices, the cakes are also sold in bigger pans that are especially convenient when you host a small event here.

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