Blue Terrace, AYANA Midplaza

Startlingly beautiful from its abundance of blooms right out front, Blue Terrace is a new healthy eatery with an organic approach. Chill on the comfy cobalt couches and enjoy any gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, and many other clean-eating categories—courtesy of Chef Johan Kusnadi’s skills—from meaty or leafy salads to low-fat mains, refreshing juices, and many more. With Pastry Chef Beno Komarudin’s expertise, rest assured that Blue’s vegetable-based, low-sugar desserts are truly toothsome, such as the Fantasy on the Corn with corn cake, lime, chocolate cremeux and yoghurt gelato—all locally sourced down to each edible flower and fragrant herbs.

 Do Dee Paidang, Puri Indah

A straight offshoot from Sidney is Do Dee Paidang and its take on Thai food, albeit on a more streamlined menu for now. The Do Dee Monster, which comes with six options of noodles, is also a must-have for the spicy seekers in the highest Supernova level that will pleasantly burn you after a steady build-up. If the Monster, with its pork, fish balls, and other signature toppings, is a third cousin to tom yum, then the second cousin is the rice in clear tom yum soup, minus the chilli and plus salmon or some pork for topping.

 Yoisho Ramen, Senopati

With neither pork nor lard present in all of Yoisho’s menu, the rich and thick chicken stock permeating each strand of the homemade noodles is a delightful surprise both in the dry and soup ramen. Japanese flavours from simple salt to miso and soy sauce are all present here and even elevated to another level of umami with some cheese. Meanwhile, its experiment with local tastes is also a success, ranging from shrimp paste to green chilli and smoked roa fish. The potato chips in honey and butter are the perfect nibble while waiting for the piping-hot bowls to arrive.

 Lalla, Gatot Subroto

South of the US and skewing slightly to the Asian side is where Chef Tim Foster is going with Lalla with a massive collage of trinkets collected from the South America, done by Ruci ArtSpace, as the backdrop. Start from the creamy croqueta filled with Manchego cheese and beef cheek to be dipped in smoky chipotle sauce. Continue the fiesta by thoroughly mixing corns, black beans, sour cream, saffron-spiced lamb, and grilled oyster mushrooms—plus, salsa, and matah chilli for good measure. End it in Jalisco at night with a tequila drink mixed with blackberry liqueur, fresh lemon, and lavender syrup.

Reuni Coffee and Eatery, Muara Karang 

Serene in all white with splashes of murals in black and orange all around, Reuni Coffee and Eatery lives up to its name by serving not only light bites but also mains and desserts to go with coffees, teas, and other drinks. In its Western selections, the baby back rib is one of the best thanks to the marinade made with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. Meanwhile, the gindara fish made in Balinese bongkot style with matah chilli sauce shines in the Asian section; the milky, light, and non-acidic latte is then the perfect cup to go with the meal.

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