Santhai, Kota Kasablanka

Send your senses to Thailand and its blue waters inside Santhai’s teal walls decorated with cheery neon signs, cosy rattan chairs and cool potted plants. Start light with some salad, be it with the classic green papaya or banana with shrimp and peanut sauce. Next, step up the game with some fluffy yet crisp buns filled with saucy Peking duck before going to the mains with fish, such as steamed fish a la Santhai that fuses bunga kecombrang into Thai seasonings. End it classically Thai with sticky rice topped with salty and sweet toppings—with or without coconut ice cream.


LOVEster Shack, Pondok Indah

All seafood lovers rejoice! Inside this small, diner-style shack is a haven to enjoy the sea’s bounties cooked Western style yet endearing to the Eastern taste. Although not piled on the table, on the tray is the quintessential way of enjoying and sharing its generous portion of grilled lobster, squid and crayfish, and fried dory served with corn, rice, and potatoes. A Cajun style bucket of crayfish, mussel and shrimp is another great option to dig into, or the classic Northeastern lobster roll. Drinks here range from hot and iced coffee and tea options along with some shakes and sodas.


SERASA Coffeetaria, Senopati

Feeling just like at a friend’s home, SERASA Coffeetaria is simply comforting with concrete floors and white walls greened with plenty plants and lighted with wide windows. Serving home-cooked meals is SERASA’s forte, displayed mouthwateringly a la warung tegal but with fresher food and tastier trimmings, all to go with three types of rice—examples include Ayam Aisyah and fried Tempe Mendoan. Adding on the offering is a series of buntut, or tail, menus from oxtail soup to pindang fishtail, and so on. Ordering the signature, shaken Es Kopi Pelipur Lara is recommended especially paired with SERASA’s old-timey mocha cake.


Mise, Menteng

Elegantly unassuming both in its hidden location above a furniture store on the side of Menteng, and for its cool monochromatic décor, Mise pleasantly treats the tongues with French touches on Asian flavours. Among the much-loved menu is the Boca de Dragon pasta, or angel hair with sambal matah and tuna tataki, and the Trilogy of Chicken that serves baked, roulade, and crispy chicken with rice and urap vegetables. The Avocado Texture will then festively close any meal with avocado espuma, coral sponge, matcha mousse and dulce de leche—plus, drink some sweet and strong Mizeserac, or floral Truffle Misetini.


On Three, Senopati

On Three at Senopati Suites is the spot to relax with a cup and a slice. Inside is sleek and sunny with plenty of artworks and tall windows, while outside is cozy and chill with soft green carpets, low rounded chairs and loungers. Although all drinks are expertly made, the stars here are its signatures such as Coconut Latte topped with caramelised gula Jawa, and latte with roasted black pepper. Outside heavier menus supplied by Koiki, On Three surprises diners daily with great house-made sweets and savories from smoked beef quiche to salted caramel cake, honey cake, and many others.



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